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  1. Sagemoney

    O/T: FUNNY $1B+ Powerball Jackpot - Did You Buy Your Ticket?

    Seeing the lottery this high saddens me while simultaneously bringing to light the potential fast-lane opportunities in the entertainment industry. If society is willing to give 1 person generational wealth for the sake of dreaming about a different life. Think about what they will pay for the...
  2. Sagemoney

    The Next Instagram – Social Network For Stories

    Snapchat? I mean there literally called stories on snapchat
  3. Sagemoney

    GOLD! [RANT]: Raise the minimum wage! This is so unfair!

    To put it succinctly...comfort. It's human nature to resist change especially in a hyperconnected world with mountains of delicious dopamine dripping from every device. Unscripted actually answers your last question very thoroughly. It's much easier to want someone to GIVE you more rather...
  4. Sagemoney

    GOLD! [RANT]: Raise the minimum wage! This is so unfair!

    Cool thing is burgers will actually end up being cheaper when this becomes ubiquitous(I think).
  5. Sagemoney

    What's Your Favorite Documentary?

    Wild Wild country on netflix It just demonstrates how fast society could really change if EVERYONE was on the same page. They couldn't find a town so they just built one.
  6. Sagemoney

    HOT TOPIC What is the best Skill to have to get Rich?

    Be over 6"8 with a sick jumpshot even though it's still not guaranteed. On a serious note selflessness, not to the point where you get walked over but to where you inspire others.
  7. Sagemoney

    HOT TOPIC Earning $2,000,000 a day. Fastlane?

    I admire TenCent, These guys have the mobile gaming and micro-transaction business on lock-down. Although I'm not very fond of the psychological tactics used by many games now to lure you in. I expect legislation will come soon once the effects on children become more apparent. As for the game...
  8. Sagemoney

    Things you've noticed about life after reading TMF

    I hope this isn't a landfill thread in the making, If so mods feel free to delete it. but to elaborate the title, For anyone else after reading the book how did your perception of the world change? To give an example and this is going to sound silly...but I literally began realizing...
  9. Sagemoney

    NOTABLE! Preserving Wealth, My #1 Tip. Don't Get Married! (Or Maybe You Should?)

    I've been in a relationship for 6 years during the middle of my 20's, I've seen literally every relationship by my friends and family fail in the same amount of time. I've also hung around people married for 25+ years and The number one reason I see for most of these failures is...
  10. Sagemoney

    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    The funniest thing about this entire forum is that when people come along with posts like these, they literally get killed with kindness. Like the OP will get berated for a little bit but after a while the thread begins to provide legitimate value for newbies and experts alike in the particular...
  11. Sagemoney

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    Man..... Can I hang out with you guys?
  12. Sagemoney

    Importing is costlier than Amazon. What am I doing wrong?

    Seems like we're going through the same issues currently :) Looking forward to watching your progress bro!
  13. Sagemoney

    HOT TOPIC Business Success when there's no Middle Class

    I see so many people mentioning this and with the impending death of the shopping mall, I started thinking that land could be replaced with massive social entertainment centers like a theme park but on a smaller scale. Throw in VR/AR, rock climbing, gaming lounges, weed lounges, trampoline zones...
  14. Sagemoney

    HOT TOPIC Business Success when there's no Middle Class

    I've pondered this question as well. What I truly believe will happen(im an optimist) is automation will of course eliminate thousands of jobs and the upper class will explode in wealth, but with that automation, goods will become insanely cheap and the 40 hour work week will be reduced to say...
  15. Sagemoney

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Thanks again Walter, It seems my anticipation of the shipping cost being lower made me miscalculate my potential profit margin. Just another problem I will solve but nonetheless I've learned to never underestimate that again. As biophase said "The margin's the margin for a reason" :)
  16. Sagemoney

    NOTABLE! What is the WORST "value" you ever paid for?

    The Cartier glasses in my profile picture lol It's sort of a "tradition" in Detroit that once you've "made it" you go and buy yourself some 2000 dollar Cartier glasses, so you can stunt on those less fortunate and have women falling at your feet or something like that. As it turns out the fad...
  17. Sagemoney

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    The carton size is about 31*31*42CM 10 CTN, GW/CTN:6 KGS
  18. Sagemoney

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Supplier said freight is prepaid and they are using UPS as the courier. I underestimated the weight, the shipment will be about 50kg, weight per piece is 1kg
  19. Sagemoney

    GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product sourcing specialist.

    Hey Walter, So I am in the final stages of negotiation and have requested a quote from the supplier but the cost for shipping seems to be extremely high. The product costs 580 to manufacture but the supplier has quoted Door-to-Door shipping as 570 USD. The shipping method quoted was...
  20. Sagemoney

    NOTABLE! What's stopping you?

    I know you're not trying to create excuses but everything your admitting to sounds like fear. I mean people with no money get Investors, take loans, get money friends and family, hustle till they get the cash by flipping or working. I doubt you need a degree, just get the coding and then create...

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