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  1. Knuffix

    What are the advantages of being German?

    There are really no set-in-stone guidelines mostly for these types of situations in Germany. In fact, even many Germans make lots of grammar mistakes daily because they do not focus on speaking correctly, so don't worry about sounding funny to most Germans. On the other hand, Germans are quick...
  2. Knuffix

    GOLD! Think big and then think bigger than that.

    I work for a early stage VC company here in Germany and we usually receive financial forecasts which have founder's salary included. However those salaries are of course low at first (1.5 - 3k €/month). We had one case where someone wanted to match their current salary as a freelance consultant...
  3. Knuffix

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Bit late maybe, but already read the book 2x in the last 3 years. Going for a third time soon! Great book, MJ! Just got Unscripted aswell on the Kindle!
  4. Knuffix

    WEB/DIGITAL Most valuable programming language for online marketers?

    You wouldn't have a link to that webinar, would you?
  5. Knuffix

    WEB/DIGITAL Ecommerce Deal Sites

    Just a thought I had recently: Many of you know sites like Groupon and those "Daily Deal Sites" that are popping up everywhere. What if you would do something similar for niche ecommerce stores & brands. Say you would go for a fashion niche like Women's shoes or Men's Watches or something...

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