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  1. 4x4ord

    Let's get real - Profits selling on Amazon

    As I am growing an Amazon FBA business, it is becoming more evident everyday all the disillusion out there about profits and growth rates of Amazon based businesses. I've only been selling on Amazon for 3 months, but I have 6 products, all imported from China, that are being sold through FBA...
  2. 4x4ord

    WEB/DIGITAL Amazon cracking down on discounted product reviews and coupon clubs

    It appears the Amazon reviewer, AMZTracker and coupon club forums are buzzing lately about Amazon cracking down on reviews that aren't coming from true, honest purchases. I applaud the effort! Amazon reviews are becoming worthless because of the latest scheme of pumping new products with...
  3. 4x4ord

    Monetizing a foreign patent

    This summer the news, youtube and US blogs blew up about a new gadget from Europe. The gadget is patented in the manufacturers country in Europe. I searched to buy this product because I wanted one for myself, but found that only one retailer in the US has picked it up. It hasn't hit Amazon or...

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