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  1. Patrick Jones

    My experience with getting more spammy and fraudy

    The short first task is a good idea. I do something similar when hiring web developers. They get 4h of budget and I see what they can do with that. Plus I get to see how well they can communicate. When posting a job, I explicitly state that proposals from India will not be considered for...
  2. Patrick Jones

    HOT TOPIC Unconventional Ways to use Spare Bedroom to make money?

    Some AirBnb users have complained about their places being (ab)used for porn shooting. Maybe you can offer a location for that officially?
  3. Patrick Jones

    Firing a freelancer... am I right to do this?

    As you are concerned about her taking revenge, I wouldn't send any clear signal of ending things. Not with directly firing her nor by paying her out. It's your business and yours alone. She decided to hook on to it and put energy into it and that is absolutely her decision and hers alone. That...
  4. Patrick Jones

    Firing a freelancer... am I right to do this?

    Sounds like you have a good grasp on the situation. I'd fire her silently. Make her wait longer for chats, ask for her opinion less, etc. Drive it to the point where she gives up on it but doesn't feel vengeful for being fired. If you feel guilty, put a number on that guilt and pay it to her...
  5. Patrick Jones

    Should I rent, go travel, buy a home - or something else? (While building a business)

    A guy from the US once told me: "People back home ask me how I can afford to travel all the time. I tell them I can't afford not to travel." Southeast Asia is a region where a bowl of steaming hot noodles or a plate of curry will cost you a dollar or less. Granted, you might need 3-4 per day...
  6. Patrick Jones

    Should I rent, go travel, buy a home - or something else? (While building a business)

    "Digital nomad" is the label for those that work remotely while travelling. I did that for 3 years. Throughout Southeast Asia you have locations like Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Ubud where heaps of them spend their time and you can very easily find co-working spaces and accommodation. Going from...
  7. Patrick Jones

    Should I rent, go travel, buy a home - or something else? (While building a business)

    Go travelling, it's one of the most enriching experiences any modern westerner can have. You can follow the digital nomad trail if you want good working conditions and networking.
  8. Patrick Jones

    Advice/Opinion on my new website design. Does it really need Photo's???

    Text-only is unlikely to perform well. You could consider illustrations if you don't want to use actual photos.
  9. Patrick Jones

    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Business, More! (July W3/W4)

    We build really nice looking websites. The Emma Stones of websites. Visit us: vanBerlin
  10. Patrick Jones

    Anyone using Node.js for their website?

    Node.js is not a tool for developing "websites". It shines when you need a custom backend, e.g. to provide a REST API.
  11. Patrick Jones

    Do I need a domain yet?

    Get the domain name asap. Get as many as you like. They are 10 bucks a year. And don't trust anybody with your data whom your not paying to handle it. I.e. don't run your blog on a free system.
  12. Patrick Jones

    HOT TOPIC The Developer Hourly Rate

    A lot of what makes an excellent developer really excellent is the experience. The situations he's been in, the problems he's faced, the server crashes, the weird bugs, etc. There is no book to teach that, no course either. You can learn a lot if you have a good mentor with strong...
  13. Patrick Jones

    HOT TOPIC The Developer Hourly Rate

    Haha, good one. Oh you were being serious? Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers
  14. Patrick Jones

    Lead Management / CRM

    Anybody? Do you go for a plain spreadsheet? Some kind of CRM? How do you keep track of people you are in touch with over the course of weeks or months?
  15. Patrick Jones

    What’s In Your GoDaddy Graveyard? (Unused Domain Name Megathread) If somebody can come up with a business idea for that, they'll get it for free.
  16. Patrick Jones

    Lead Management / CRM

    What tools do you use to keep track of the leads you've generated?
  17. Patrick Jones

    Making spirits? (Bavarian beer)

    Selling in Germany is extremely tough, as most shops and restaurants have existing contracts with the larger breweries. Contracts which deny them the right to buy from anybody else. I know one guy who tried - and failed. Germany is an alcoholic's wonderland, other countries have much stricter...
  18. Patrick Jones

    Must Have/Best Tools

    NAME: Jira CATEGORY: Project Management DESCRIPTION: Very powerful issue management. Every issue can be discussed separately, issues can be grouped into sprints (aka: what we'll do next week) and it's very easy to see what's assigned to me. PRO: Trello on steroids CONS: Takes a moment to get...
  19. Patrick Jones

    HOT TOPIC Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    That's why you want your involvement to stop at collecting the commission. Let the developer deal with the actual project. Sounds a lot like slowlane.
  20. Patrick Jones

    Starting a shampoo business [HELP NEEDED]

    I do! So do several others, I believe:

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