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  1. Nik Krohn

    Big Box Stores (Continue Online Marketing and expanding Offline)

    I am looking for some suggestions from the crowd about how best to branch out successfully into retail stores (Boutiques & Big Box) for our product(s). I have a unique patented product that I licensed from some entrepreneurs/inventors and grew their product sales from $2000/mo to $12,000/mo. It...
  2. Nik Krohn

    Inventing a new product

    I have a product in mind that I want to invent. It involved outdoor sports and electronics combined. I have never invented a product before but there is nothing on the market like this and there are dozens of others who have tried to invent this. There is a market for it. I contacted several...
  3. Nik Krohn

    Getting Shit Done ($10,000 self-imposed 30 day challenge!)

    I love coming back to this forum for motivation to execute brilliantly! I have started a business for the Fastlane and it is growing. But I have a few things that are limiting me that make me feel like I cannot quite quit my job (I know, I should just do it...). I have some CC debt, some back...
  4. Nik Krohn

    EXECUTION Hunting Ecommerce Site to explode!

    Hey all! I am a first time fastlaner and I am getting ready to launch my new site! I am a really good social marketer and can build followings into the 100,000 of followers on Facebook. I already have some communities where i have 140,000 followers. I create...

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