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  1. Kfirdragon

    Organic flavoring with consumables

    Great comment. The product I'm working on is more of a drink, I want to start with a protein drink with sugar alternative, I'm aware there might be some others already in the space but I still see a need in the market, I noticed there were no products like it in most convenience stores when I...
  2. Kfirdragon

    Organic flavoring with consumables

    I'm very surprised I haven't received notifications for this post (still kinda new to this forum) I appreciate everyone's comments and concerns. After taking a while and talking to a few people who also develop consumable products I think the whole organic notion is just a trend and have...
  3. Kfirdragon

    Do you think a mentor should charge for his knowledge or give it for free?

    In my opinion mentorship is free (or at least your mentor won't ask for money directly, but paying for something would give you the option to reach him) I've had and still have a few mentors, I got some of the mentorships by creative ways, here are a few: 1. I saw his work on IG when he just...
  4. Kfirdragon

    HOT TOPIC 3 years in the forum.... just made over $10,000 in 2 weeks at 17 years old.

    To everyone who were having at it because of the white labeling side, I'm seriously wondering - Would it make any difference for you if he held those talented marketers in house, employed them But still profited $4k (guessing) ? Say you were to hire his services and found out he's white...
  5. Kfirdragon

    NOTABLE! Going for it. Ecommerce.

    Just finished reading, great progress. I think you're going to blow up in the future if you keep on track. Awesome stuff, looking forward for more of your progress.
  6. Kfirdragon

    Organic flavoring with consumables

    Hey everyone, I had an idea which I wanted to pursue for a while now, however I always put it aside because I was working on other things, recently I decided that I should just jump in and go for it. I have some unique products I have in mind which I want to bring to market, however I feel like...
  7. Kfirdragon

    Energy Drink - Exclusive Rights

    Its been a while, how did it work out? any insights or problems you overcame?
  8. Kfirdragon

    Ways to make money

    The process isn’t attracting since joining a d2d sales job usually means 4-5 months of nothing but grind and eating dirt. Which are pretty optimal conditions for Real Change. Either way, the choice is yours.
  9. Kfirdragon

    Ways to make money

    That’s quite funny. I’m not a fan of Dan Lok because he’s so full of himself, acts like a big know it all guy banking on people who fall for his over promised courses. Anyways, here’s your solution, and guess what it’s free, guess what else, it’s a process. Join a door to door sales company...
  10. Kfirdragon

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Haha I definitely would not be able to do keep doing it without an easy access to a restroom (but since I’m a guy I can take a pee pretty much anywhere. ) The water used to be the hardest part for me, I am also a ‘small guy’, barely drank Any water before this ( one glass of water on good days)...
  11. Kfirdragon

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    Today (1:22 am here) I will be going to day 25 phase 1. I’ve been going hard since day one. My hardest challenge with this program was the water, I didn’t really drink water at all before it. I used to read around 100 pages a day, workout & around day 40 in the 75hard I added cold showers to...
  12. Kfirdragon


    Read the book. On my favourite list
  13. Kfirdragon

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I’ve read the book. I always followed it but couldn’t really put to words what I looking for in a business and all of that, it made it really simple for me to explain what should be present in a business. It was pretty common sense for me but I guess not for others. Nevertheless one my favourite...

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