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  1. ryanpal

    Where's all the discussions of Gold and Silver investing?

    Hey Gang, It's been a long time since I've stopped by (keeping busy with growing business). I'm surprised there aren't more discussions of moving wealth into precious metals. Is anyone on the forum doing this?
  2. ryanpal

    create custom tshirts for you business online - sites?

    anyone have any recommendations of web sites that i can create custom tshirts online (both front and back)? i usually use vista print but they only have 3 colors.
  3. ryanpal

    In Vegas and Cali for the next week...anyone around?

    Hello Gang, I'll be in Vegas tomorrow (Weds) until Friday attending a conference. Then I'll in LA and San Diego until the 8th. Anyone else attending a conference or local to the area? Perhaps we could meet up for networking.
  4. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Utah Investors first 300 posts

    Anyone have a copy on their computer they wouldn't mind sending me? I only have a hard copy, and can't seem to find the file on my computer. I'd like to send it to someone. (the walkerz link no longer works) thanks in advance.
  5. ryanpal

    what type of entity for joint venture?

    i'm partnering with an associate to purchase notes from banks. we both have llc's but it was mentioned to create a separate llc in which we are both 50% partners. should we do this or create some other type of partnership that incorporate both our existing llc's?
  6. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Note Buyers?

    Any note buyers on the forum? ...more specifically buying NPNs in PA? I have an NPN direct from the bank in Pittsburg. Feel free to email me for more information.
  7. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Buying & Selling Notes, Seller Financing etc.?

    Anyone buying and selling notes as big part of their business? ..or perhaps heavily engaging in seller financing?
  8. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Private Money

    I should have posted this earlier. Are there any members on the forum interested in various investment opportunities (short term - long term) backed by real estate? These can ranges from same day dough for short sale flips (short term) to long term investments (holding paper) Anyone interested?
  9. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Investing in rental property out of state (best cities & towns?)

    i have an IRA that i'm looking to invest into some rental property. typically i like to abide by the "invest in your backyard" mentality for landlording but here in NJ homes are pretty expensive in most areas that aren't "war zones". i think the key here would be to link up with an investor...
  10. ryanpal

    WEB/DIGITAL basic link issue with word press

    hey gang. i'm trying to get my blog going for my site to help SEO. one issue i have is with external links. when i add links to my posts, they always get prepended with the blogs url. for example if i want to link the actual link in my post is...
  11. ryanpal

    REAL ESTATE Short Sale deal finally closed

    Hey gang, it's been a while since I've been active on here. I have been very busy building my real estate business with a focus on short sales. I have built a pipeline of short sales, but many were getting pushed back for various reasons and others even fell through due to last minute...
  12. ryanpal

    Anyone in vegas this weekend (3/19, 3/20, 3/21)?

    hey guys. i'll be attending a note buying event with one of my real estate partners this weekend. i figured i would reach out to the board to see if anyone would happen to be around there this weekend. perhaps we could meet up etc. anyone? ryan
  13. ryanpal

    WEB/DIGITAL craigslist tools?

    do you guys have any recommendations of any craigslist tools? i'm finding myself doing alot of posts and searching lately. i wasn't to know if you guys had any reocmmendations of software that is out there which automates this stuff. thanks, ryan
  14. ryanpal

    t-shirt printing

    hey guys. my buddy is thinking about starting a t-shirt company. i'm helping him investigate this new venture. he needs a printing company that can print designs created in photoshop that will be of good quality but for cheap of course. anyone do any business in this area that could send...
  15. ryanpal


    i'm looking to setup a forum with a domain name. it's for recreational purposes. i understand there might be restrictions on domains if you don't live in australia or something. does anybody have any further info on this? thanks, ryan
  16. ryanpal

    OFF-TOPIC flip ultraHD

    i'm looking into purchasing this flip camera. i notice there are 2nd generation models. is the flip ultraHD considered 2nd gen? or they the same thing? i'm a little confused by this.
  17. ryanpal

    WEB/DIGITAL seo sources

    i'm diving more into SEO. i've read a few pdf files that contain some great info. for those who are SEO experts, would you recommend some online resources and other reading material that could help with some basic and necessary concepts? thanks in advance, ryan
  18. ryanpal

    WEB/DIGITAL Free Spam Software?

    i'm getting spam on one of my main emails. i'd like to bounce back some type of email to those of my choice so the spammer thinks it's not a valid working email or that emails will be blocked so i can removed from any possible lists. anyone have any recommendations?
  19. ryanpal

    WEB/DIGITAL craigslist daily post limit?

    hey guys. i've been busy working in (and on) my business. i'm trying to make use of craigslist to bring in a steady stream of leads. anybody know the daily limit amount of posts? i don't want to get flagged or my account banned. thanks in advance. ryan
  20. ryanpal

    HOT TOPIC Movies like Zeitgeist and The Secret?

    Anybody have any recommendations of movies like these? They are pretty captivating and get you to open your mind. ps - for those that haven't seen zeitgeist, you can watch for free online

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