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    Help me validate my idea

    Hi guys, so I stumbled upon this product by accident and realized, that the producer of it is really bad at marketing. I want to create a similar product and sell it better than he does. The search volume on google (non-US) is 10.000 (Google Keyword Planner) or 3.000 (other KW tools). Don't...
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    Selling sweets from my country

    Hey guys, yesterday I had the idea of selling sweets from my country online. I know that many people love american food, so why not the other way around? My country has some unique sweets, some of them are known internationally, some are not. Now my thoughts are: Will someone pay such high...
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    Shopify: No sales | Need your analysis

    Hey guys, I started a shopify store in the jewelry niche. Till now, I got 550 visits to my site but no sale. Some people even write me DMs on IG and tell me that they will buy a watch etc, but nothing happens. I'm pretty new to this, so I need your insights to what the problem is. Is someone...
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    Fans: Yes; Sales: No

    First of all: Can someone please move this thread to the "sales, marketing..."-section? I can't post there, don't know why. Hey guys, I guess I'm not the only person with this kind of problem and I already googled it a bit, but I really value your opinion, so here we go: I started marketing...
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    Crowdfunding vs. Preselling

    Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right section. If not, please move it to the right one. So I'm on my way starting my first real business which is importing, branding and selling a product. I will have my sample around end of the month and wanted to start a presell period in...
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    INTRO Finally here

    Hey guys, I'm a 22 y/o college student from Europe and I, of course, read TMF. After lurking around here for months, I finally wanted to be able to post and created an account. Well, pretty short introduction, but I just didn't want to start posting here without introducing myself a bit...
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    Using Geographic Name as Brand Name?

    Hey there, so after lurking around and not being able to post anything because I had no account, I finally made one and need your advice now. I'm on my way to brand, import and sell a product and searched for a brand name. Somehow, the result was the name of an island. The product or brand...

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