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  1. Megan Kay

    Selling an eBook

    Why not write both? It won't take long and you'll see firsthand which concept is more appealing to your market. Price depends entirely on where you're selling. My shorter nonfiction ebooks on Amazon are $3-$5.
  2. Megan Kay

    How do I find a need?

    We started a "Book of Needs" and are writing down things as we encounter them through the day. Then we can periodically analyze what we've written down and see if any resonate as a possible business opp. I've got the kids involved in this too; they have a different set of wants and needs than...
  3. Megan Kay

    My (sort of) yearly review

    Absolutely not! That was a great response, thanks! I think it'll be fun to look back on this as time passes and see how you're progressing too. Best of luck!
  4. Megan Kay

    My (sort of) yearly review

    Happy one year anniversary! What is your plan for the next year?
  5. Megan Kay

    GOLD! Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    This is good stuff. The process of fastlane is such an internal one. I spent a long time worrying about validating it outside myself by people who thought the same way. I came to realize people who think the same way are about as rare as unicorns. Took a lot of pressure off, actually. Now...
  6. Megan Kay

    RANT Need some directions on starting my journey

    I scored 96% introvert on my last "personality test." :D If I'm understanding your post correctly, it seems as though you could probably initiate those contacts via email or phone. Would it be necessary to meet in person? I'm not a fan of public speaking, but I'm not a fan of being stuck in a...
  7. Megan Kay

    Competitor concern in a niche

    Can you go back to the drawing board and find a way to differentiate yourself? Value adding? Different target market? How does it look on eBay? What other markets can you focus on instead of the ones already filled?
  8. Megan Kay

    INTRO A Spectacular Failure (FTE) Paves the Way Forward

    Welcome, Adam. Sounds like the way school turned out is a pretty good indicator you're meant for something else. It's kind of nice (in hindsight) when the universe makes it so clear. Here's to a great first step forward in your new venture!
  9. Megan Kay

    HOT TOPIC WIX vs Having a professional create a website

    Whenever I see a Wix site, I'm inclined to instantly dismiss it as unprofessional. I personally can't stand Wix, but in my farm stuff, I see TONS of sites created there. Cookie cutter, slow loading and just ick. Wordpress is very easy to learn. Hosting is very inexpensive. I pay $8/mo for...
  10. Megan Kay

    Daytrading Crypto: My Journey

    What "this" are you talking about? If you mean TRX, I don't think it has value and didn't say anything to indicate I did. I do believe there are coins with utility that can prove useful. One of those is BAT, created by one of the founders of Mozilla to go along with a privacy-focused browser...
  11. Megan Kay

    Everybody Starts Their Own Business

    My husband is the same way. I think there's a place where everyone fits in and for most people, that's in a structured work environment.
  12. Megan Kay

    Keeping the FIRE

    I find that I have to be pretty strict about accomplishing the important things earlier in the day. I have a lot on my plate, all from home, so juggling it all requires automation where possible and commitment to working on business stuff early in the day when my brain is fresh and energy...
  13. Megan Kay

    Daytrading Crypto: My Journey

    I've never considered BTC to be a coin worth investing in and wasn't even considering it when I posted - where the masses are is where the losses are. It's the alt coins that have potential, and many of those have hit rock bottom. TBH I have stepped back from the whole crypto game over the...
  14. Megan Kay

    Retail Apocalypse = Commercial Property Owners Desperate

    I wonder about some creative uses of those now dead spaces. I watched a little documentary the other day where a gal is using commercial buildings as shared living spaces - Podshare. Looks like she's making bank with it, but it's not a business model I'd personally want to pursue. Would...
  15. Megan Kay

    Daytrading Crypto: My Journey

    I'd be curious to see how it pans out now that everything is rock bottom. I lost some money in crypto too, but I am just holding where I'm at to see what shakes out in the end. A couple coins I think had great utility and will eventually--hopefully--go somewhere. As for day trading, how does...
  16. Megan Kay

    INTRO Writer Dragging My Husband Out of the Slowlane

    Schooling is actually pretty easy. We're all born with an innate drive to learn as long as it doesn't get crushed out of us at "school." We just set them up with the tools they need to discover and pursue their passions - books, experiences, YouTube, etc. They learn so much just by living...
  17. Megan Kay

    INTRO Writer Dragging My Husband Out of the Slowlane

    Thanks, you two! Going to get and start listening to Unscripted today. I'll suggest it to him this evening.
  18. Megan Kay

    New blog or new book, what's your advice?

    Out of the box I really like Panoramic and use it on my websites. Don't get too caught up in the look and feel at the moment. As you build content, you'll figure out which aspects are important. The thing I'd think about most right now would be structure of posts vs. pages. I like to do a...
  19. Megan Kay

    New blog or new book, what's your advice?

    This is basically the question I was going to ask. I'd already started a blog and, after reading MFL, began wondering if perhaps the articles should go into a book instead. Looks like that's answered, thanks! One angle I suggest is a shorter version of the same content on your blog that can...
  20. Megan Kay

    INTRO Writer Dragging My Husband Out of the Slowlane

    Thanks! I just have the one website now, the books published are old enough now to be making only about $20-$30/mo. Nonfiction is harder to keep up because there are only so many "expert" topics I can write about. I might go back to that at some point, but the main interest is this website...

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