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  1. Redwolf

    Do you use an editing service for your important emails, etc?

    I sometimes struggle with writing polished, on-message communications to both important clients and team wide emails. What service (or freelancer) do you use? Grammarly, the AI browser extension, helps with proofreading (grammar, punctuation), but not much else. But I'm looking for quality...
  2. Redwolf

    I'm giving away copies of Unscripted to folks I meet

    I bought 3 copies of Unscripted book (so far) to give away to folks that I meet that have that entrepreneurial spark and are building something bigger. Maybe it'll be a small push in the right direction. It can be someone in a job that wants to start out on their own, or someone that has...
  3. Redwolf

    Selling a 6 figure business in 2020 - broker or no?

    For a business with an estimated sales price around $325,000 give or take, is a broker's expertise worth 10% or so? Do brokers "private client lists" really amount to anything? Do brokers tend to help business sell faster? Or for more money? What value does a broker *really* bring in 2020...
  4. Redwolf

    Great (and weird) resource for hiring or offering cheap gigs

    I stumbled across this gem the other day: Amazing prices for some of the tasks like creating artwork, logos, web design, video editing. All the way to weird like "I will save you $200+ annually by reviewing and negotiating your cable/satellite, internet...

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