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  1. Visionary96

    Recognised Copywriting Courses Question

    So my plan while I'm quarantined is to dive right into copywriting and would like to start a freelancing hustle as soon as I feel I am skilled up enough. My question is, are there any courses out there that will help me look good on paper when it comes to applying for jobs and having some...
  2. Visionary96

    Saw this on Reddit..

    I sometimes find myself casually surfing reddit and came across a post in the ‘Ask Reddit’ sub and the title was ‘Would you take a 50/50 chance at $5,000,000 or death? Why or why not?’ There are seriously people in the comments who would actually be prepared to do that and asking stupid shit...
  3. Visionary96

    Item flipping in the UK?

    So I like the idea of flipping, even if it does seem a little time consuming but is there any UK guys out there who actually gets success from doing this today? We don't really have giant thrift stores, only small charity shops which don't seem to hold many items of value from the ones I've...
  4. Visionary96

    UK guys, anyone know if matched betting is still worth doing as a small side hustle?

    This is probably alien to the American guys on here, but to my fellow UK fastlaners that do matched betting as a small weekend side hustle, are the monthly profits worth it now? I just got started and while I can make a couple hundred quid with the sign ups, what are the reload offers like these...
  5. Visionary96

    Learning a new skill - the first step?

    So of course the general consensus on here is learning new skills and having something of value which is critical to success I imagine and this is not a post asking for specific help but more of a nudge to get my ball rolling. So basically, I'm 23, no degree, no manual trade and no real...
  6. Visionary96

    Any events/meetups in the UK?

    Just wondering if they are any fellow UK guys on here that set up meets or know of any really beneficial seminars/events that focus on the concepts MJ talks about in his books and on the forum? If yes, would love to attend something like this as I think actually discussing and listening with...
  7. Visionary96

    INTRO Getting my life back on track ...

    So, I had an old account here a couple of years ago and like probably most people, I eventually lost interest and starting picking up the playstation controller again (faceplam). For the last 2 years I have done nothing worthy whether it be business related or personal achievements, just working...

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