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  1. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Examples of Real Estate Websites for Inspiration

    Wow, just wow. These examples of 30 Beautiful Real Estate Websites | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine show how professional webdesign can empower your business. There are also nice examples in the comments section below. They don't tell anything about the costs, but from the looks I'd say...
  2. AlwaysCurious

    One Secret to Life Success

    Here's a simple but very good advice from one of my favourite trade related blogs: One Secret to Life Success The good ol' "just do it" theme!
  3. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Do you still use Word for writing books / novels?

    There seem to be lots of people around here, that aim to write a book be it business related, scientifiy articles or novels. I recently stumbled upon an impressive tool, that supports an important stage of a book. It's about the planning and outlining of storys, helping to develop characters...
  4. AlwaysCurious

    O/T: FUNNY Crisis sounds so cool!

    I hope this is not too political, but I was impressed by this hilarious idea: Melodies derived by stock charts YouTube - Charts Music - Songsmith fed with Stock Charts Enjoy
  5. AlwaysCurious

    O/T: FUNNY The real reason for the current economic downturn!

    Finally revealed: Every major economic downturn, from the oil crisis of the 1970s to the financial crisis of 2008, coincides with the release of an AC/DC album. AC/DC success coincides with dark economic times in Britain | Herald Sun
  6. AlwaysCurious

    Let the Doers of the world inspire the rest of us

    I just stumbled (again) over a nice website, I'd like to share with you. The DO lectures It's essentially about a positive mindset and that the watcher will finally go and DO something. Tim Ferris, author of the 4 hour workweek, is also amongst the speakers. Here at work I didn't watch the...
  7. AlwaysCurious

    WEB/DIGITAL Online tools for your business

    just found a huge list of them on Mashable: 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online - Mashable should keep you busy for a while :smug2:
  8. AlwaysCurious

    OFF-TOPIC the 1000 dollar iPhone app, that does nothing

    Just found this: Apple's iPhone-App-Approval Mouse Falls Off Treadmill: Buy The $1000 App That Does Nothing (AAPL) That's even more useless than the day and night watch (see my avatar)...
  9. AlwaysCurious

    What would you do?

    This kept me thinking. What would I do? Especially when I realize that there is hardly failure, just my own perception of situations? Walls are there to test how hard we want things. So what am I waiting for? What would you do?
  10. AlwaysCurious

    My plan, so far

    The last two weeks were quite busy ones as I headed for my holidays. With my laptop and lots of offline reading meterial, I was determined to work on my plan, my goals and my financial future and I think I did well. My family made it possible that I really could spend more time on that than I...
  11. AlwaysCurious

    O/T: FUNNY Opportunities everywhere

    Maybe this is of interest for all REI inverstors around here:
  12. AlwaysCurious

    My little Forex thread

    I, too, am facinated of the possibilities the Forex market offers. As I said in my introduction thread, I see it as a possibility to get a second income stream without risking my current J.O.B. With this income stream, switching to an own business (whatever that will be) should be a lot easier...
  13. AlwaysCurious

    Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

    Recently I found this inspiring video, I'd like to share. It's the literally and knowingly last lecture from Randy Pausch, professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who is dying from pancreatic cancer with just few months left (at that time). Cite from his site: "With equal parts humor and...
  14. AlwaysCurious

    Books about Forex, trading, etc

    Just stumbled upon this site: All books are downloadable and grouped by the following headlines: Forex Books for Beginners Forex Books about Market in General Forex Books about Money Management Forex Books about Trader's Psychology Forex Books about...
  15. AlwaysCurious

    Chances of getting rich with blogging

    In this fastlane forum I sense the common understanding that it is not only possible to get rich with blogging but also that the chances are good for that. Maybe I´m not too deep into it, but are there really that much financially successfull blogs out there? As part of builing a community...
  16. AlwaysCurious

    How to find your passion ...

    ...and make money Hope this wasn´t posted before: It´s basically a similar approach as the PLAN but with other words. Anything that gets you into this stream of thoughts will be usefull, I think. A least for me it´s...
  17. AlwaysCurious

    Saying hello and introducing myself

    Hi there, greetings from Germany Just arrived here and registered almost immediatly after reading some of the sticky topics like this one. I´m 38 years old with a degree in physics, am married to a lovely wife and having a most wonderful baby girl with her. Right now I´m on the slow lane...

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