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  1. AndreP

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    Hello Peter, Just posted a post on Europe too. Yes getting serious here but that is the only way to deal with it. Good luck!
  2. AndreP

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    In Europe (i'm from the Netherlands) the problem is that every country has his own way of dealing with it. But every day more countries go on lock down. I think the government here can't wait any longer deu the pressure of the people. Big companies like KLM already get government support, and...
  3. AndreP

    MEETUPS My story is coming to the USA!

    Proud to announce... Next week I will be a guest on the Linkedin live show "Level up Experience "from Chris Reed. I will talk about: My Story... My work …. My Goals.... And of course we gonna talk a lot about gaming! Interested, tune in on Linkedin : Level up experience on wednesday 26t of...
  4. AndreP

    Are business/self-help books a waste of time?

    Need a big TV for my Xbox....
  5. AndreP

    Are business/self-help books a waste of time?

    Thank you Daniel M, like your view on this. Reading books can be very positive and productive, if you choose wisely and are really interested in aplieng it in the real life. As a experienced reader you learn to pick books that are really helping. In the beginning i did read everything with the...
  6. AndreP

    EXECUTION From Nothing To Everything - My Journey

    Just read your story...just keep on posting. The field your in is not my cup of tea but love reading it. Good luck for now!
  7. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Maybe 'some' folks are not so experienced and super successful then you are....
  8. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    During time you learn to separate the real deal from the bs. My first book was about a rich And poor dad . But I was hooked to this sort of books because it told about making money, not knowing if it was real entrepreneurship. But you have to start somewhere...sometimes things come along...
  9. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Thanks for sharing your story, hopefully some people will read it before they pay for the scam
  10. AndreP

    Jobs aren't bad.

    So true, after a failed merge I am now working part-time for a company. Of course still an part-time entrepreneur. For now a choice that is part of a larger plan. Last month I bought more shares from my first company, so I hope to be back on track soon
  11. AndreP

    OFF-TOPIC Gaming Entrepreneurs?!?!

    I used to be a real gamer, when i was 11 years old i started with the C64. There was a period in my life I was playing too much, it was a problem. But from these experiences I have been able to make my strength, now I have a successful company that provides training to professionals and...
  12. AndreP

    MEETUPS Who is on LinkedIn?

    Totally disagree. I get alot of work trough LinkedIn, also ideal for building a brand. I think you use LinkedIn not in the right way...maybe give it another try? Grt Andre
  13. AndreP

    Dan Pena's 50 Rules For Success

    “Success is like being pregnant, everyone says congratulations but nobody knows how many times you were F*cked.” This is my favorite of Dan
  14. AndreP

    NOTABLE! One of my youtube videos is currently going viral, the "scale" effect is powerful indeed.

    Great Luniac, Can you please give a link to this video? One of my companies is about training and coaching on gaming youth. Also wrote a book about it, wich is doing well in the Netherlands and Belgium. I will follow your work
  15. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    I read books because I really like to read. 52 a year is BS indeed, but I'm like reading more for example than watching webinars, everybody has his own way of learning. I have my own companies for 7 years now , and I know it is hard work. But the last year I made a daily habit of reading, just...
  16. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    No hard feelings. I liked your answer. But it seems that more so called guru's try to sell their stuff? At least in the Netherlands I notice this is a new trend. Thanks to a forum like this , the books (like from @MJ DeMarco )and my own experience of course I am much more sceptic about it...
  17. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Not looking for shortcuts, but for some extra ways. Thank you for your straightforward answer...really like it.
  18. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    First I checked here, because I think al lot of people on this forum see things te same as I do. So a review here has more meaning. Tnx
  19. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Ok... So your not convinced?
  20. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Hello my friends, I love reading books, and try to read as much as possible every day. I really have a lot of books on my list that I want to read...but you know time is sometimes an issue. On Instagram I walked into this advertising from Mentorbox, MentorBox LLC. Story looks ok, did...

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