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  1. spreng

    RANT on people being risk averse leeches to your business

    I've come to a realization lately. Trying to start a business with a friend or someone else is a dumb a$$ idea. NOBODY will commit to your idea in the seed stage as much as you will. People wait to jump on board once you have taken the risk and had the vision to make things happen. And you...
  2. spreng

    a lesson about control from my 9-5

    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I work in Software sales as an SDR, I essentially build pipeline through outbound activity (cold calling). A couple weeks ago they changed our commission structure so that deals that don't close by the 30th won't yield commission. And our sales...
  3. spreng

    INTRO had the fastlaner mindset beaten out of me, got it back

    Hello everybody, hello @MJ DeMarco I've always been amped to start something from a young age. I had that disciplined out of me by teachers and naysayers. I graduated last year from college, currently #1 sales rep at my company in SaaS, but I don't feel satisfied. I have a strong history with...

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