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  1. Conscripted

    Question about this Upwork review

    I just finished reading THIS article on upwork. Does this article match your experiences? I'm currently working my way through the freelancing and copywriting courses by @lex DeVillex Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  2. Conscripted

    OFF-TOPIC Make someone else pay for a TESLA game

    Good evening everyone. I've been driving the same Saturn Vue since 2005 when I bought it. It currently has 178k miles and I'm not sure how much longer the motor will last. I would LOVE to get a Tesla model 3. I haven't had a car payment in many years. The thought of having a payment is...
  3. Conscripted

    INTRO Looking for the path.

    Hello everyone. I'm Bill. I've been lurking around for a couple of months. I've posted a few times and decided that it's time to introduce myself. I've spent the last 246 months straddling the sidewalk and slow lane while serving in the US military. 20.5 years is a long time to run the same...
  4. Conscripted

    OFF-TOPIC How to get the titles on my profile

    I've read both TMF and Unscripted. How do I get those to show on my profile? Thanks -Conscripted

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