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  1. mentalic

    B2B SaaS sales during summer season

    Hello, Its been my first summer running my B2B SaaS business and it seems like sales are not doing good during July. Is this something normal for summer season? Should I be worried? Our customers are mostly from US,CA & UK. Bare in mind that we hadn't done any pre-work regarding summer...
  2. mentalic

    WEB/DIGITAL White label email marketing software

    Hello, I am looking for a white label email marketing solution to integrate into my SaaS. Anyone has any experience with anything similar? Thanks
  3. mentalic

    WEB/DIGITAL Looking for payment processor with affiliate/referral program

    Hello, I am looking for a payment processor that has an affiliate/referral program. So far I have only found 2checkout. I am working on an ecommerce SaaS solution in which I want to introduce payment processing (provided from another company) but I don't want to do an introduction for free.
  4. mentalic

    Where to find quality content

    I am looking to find a couple of good writers (preferably native English speakers) in order to get some quality content for a website I own (it's in the project management niche). So far I have tried: oDesk elance iWriter I have been happy with oDesk. Not happy with the rest two. I am also...
  5. mentalic

    Getting your first testimonials for a B2B product advice needed

    Small introduction: I recently started a B2B SaaS website. We got our first customers from our network, and we have some other potentials from our country (Eastern European) that we have approached in person. The situation: I recently talked to a potential customer from another (US) country who...
  6. mentalic

    Guidelines for outsourcing software related projects

    I recently had to outsource the testing of a web application I am building. I had success with it and I am sharing with you the strategy I followed: Be ready to invest some time in finding the right employees Never outsource if you are behind schedule. You have to do your research and probably...
  7. mentalic

    Hello from Athens, Greece

    Hello all, Glad to read the book and to find you all here. I think that it is very important to join a community with same mindset and/or same goals. I am a freelance web developer from Athens, Greece for the past 5 years and I had felt that something was going wrong (freelancing is like having...

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