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    NOTABLE! Growing a YouTube Channel to 100,000 Subs

    Out of curiosity, do you think there is much viability on YouTube for a channel which isn't heavy on "visual" content? I started recording audiobooks and putting them on YouTube, I use VSDC video editor to add a basic visualization, but most of the successful channels I'm aware of are heavy on...
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    O/T: HEALTH "Extreme" meditation

    I believe this is the 'Middle Way' that Buddha was said to have recommended, while hedonism or strict austerity didn't bring him happiness.
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    O/T: HEALTH "Extreme" meditation

    I dabbled in "extreme" meditation based on some books I read - in which I attempted to Isolate myself from my surroundings as much as possible, and these are my thoughts on it. - *I believe that it does allow one to access "higher states" of consciousness, however the effects could be...
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    Books on "fad psychology"

    I was wondering if there are any good books on "fads", such as what things tend to be short-lived fads, versus things which tend to stand the test of time. This could be anything, from pop cultural fads (e.x. Disco music in the 1970s), "moral fads" (e.x. Prohibition in the 1920s), political...
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    Books on the effectuality of "banning" or prohibiting things

    I was curious if there are any books which go over the effectuality of a government "banning" things (e.x. such as the 1920s prohibition against alcohol, and how it lead to a black market).
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    OFF-TOPIC So, Jordan Peterson just checked into rehab.

    I prefer to read books than to watch any of the media networks lately, but that's just me.
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    NOTABLE! One of my youtube videos is currently going viral, the "scale" effect is powerful indeed.

    Sounds cool - I've thought about doing some gaming videos, but I'm not hardcore enough of a gamer for it to be viable. I'm curious, was there any specific technique you used to get it viral? Such as putting out a video on a game which is trending on search engines?
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    OFF-TOPIC So, Jordan Peterson just checked into rehab.

    I've heard of him, but since he's linked to a lot of social media controversies, I prefer not to tune into him for the sake of my sanity. Best wishes to him, though.
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    INTRO Introducing myself

    Thanks Champion. My 'game plan' was either writing or social media (e.x. writing fiction or non-fiction, such as through amazon, or publishing videos on a platform such as Youtube). I believe I have talent, though the marketing nuances and making it sustainable are what irk me.
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    INTRO Introducing myself

    I'm a failed entrepreneur, I attended some college but was interested in online entrepreneurship since social media kicked off in the early 2000s, and was sick of the "mass media" brainwashing, or people who think "life is meaningless" - which discouraged self-empowerment. My interest was...

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