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  1. Nik Krohn

    What is your favorite blog(s) to read? is the only blog I'm really interested in. I do tend to check out the MMM blog too because I get a huge kick off of some of the stuff he preaches. People worship that dude Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Nik Krohn

    HOT TOPIC Hold or Sell?? 100k profit on Duplex

    Good cautionary advice. I agree 100% there. My strategy tends to be a bit more aggressive when it come to real estate acquisition. Good reserves will help with vacancies. Cool to see another Utah investor tho. Solid market with a great unemployment rate and low vacancies. How much did rent...
  3. Nik Krohn

    HOT TOPIC Hold or Sell?? 100k profit on Duplex

    Nope. But like anyone who started buying in 2009, we all are making money :P Jokes aside. I see your point. But to be a responsible long term investor, the value of the home matters less if you are going to hold the home 10+ years. So long as you are cash flow positive, I done see a problem...
  4. Nik Krohn

    HOT TOPIC Hold or Sell?? 100k profit on Duplex

    YEY! I get to be the guy that goes against the collective :P What would I personally do? I would keep the property. The way I see it, you collect $500/mo, probably pay down the mort $200/mo, you can access your 100k in multilple ways (Heloc, 2nd, etc) and still claim the tax benefit on the...
  5. Nik Krohn

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Growing a Cleaning Business

    I am hoping either @Andy Black or @nzott may be able to help me here. I have been trying to run a successful AdWords campaign for my product (e-commerce site selling physical product to mommies). My AOV is $19 (roughly 2 units) but I can't seem to get conversions cheap enough to justify...
  6. Nik Krohn

    My Girlfriend Wants to Join the Fastlane - Need Job Ideas

    I was gonna mention this. It seemed a bit backwards. Yes I understand that you usually need a job first to them move into fastlane (The same goes to you @entrepreneur7 with selling consulting... Does not break time from dollars). If you are both on the same page about where you want to go...
  7. Nik Krohn

    NOTABLE! Turn Any Protein Powder into an Ice Cream Like Dessert - Need Feedback on FREEZINda™

    This landing page would be fine if you used it for organic traffic. It would do very poorly if you bought traffic (FB ads/adwords) for it. If you wanted a landing page that would work well for paid traffic, I suggest doing some research into high converting landing pages. Calls to action that...
  8. Nik Krohn

    NOTABLE! Turn Any Protein Powder into an Ice Cream Like Dessert - Need Feedback on FREEZINda™

    Feedback on the website: Pay for your pop up so it is not branded. If you are in business for yourself, just commit to these small software payments Change your hero image. Your current hero has a line of text and a play button. How about you put an embedded video on the left, the line of text...
  9. Nik Krohn

    HOT TOPIC The best decision you ever made ?

    One of the best business decisions I ever made was purchasing a product line that was fully patented with a large social following and email list. I essentially shifted from selling services (sorry this will keep you on the slow lane) to selling a product online 24/7/365. I had always sold other...
  10. Nik Krohn

    Big Box Stores (Continue Online Marketing and expanding Offline)

    This was GOLDEN. Thanks @Denim Chicken & @G-Man . Very valuable. So this is an interest conversation here. I am working with a close friend that for his 9-5 he works for a company that gets products into home depot, lowes, ace hardware. What they typically do is create a sample, see if buyers...
  11. Nik Krohn

    Big Box Stores (Continue Online Marketing and expanding Offline)

    Sorry @Denim Chicken for the misunderstanding. The product that was in Walmart was a knock off of my product. The patent protected our product and therefor walmart was forced to get the product off of it's shelf. The reason I bring this up is because this other knock off was on the shelves of...
  12. Nik Krohn

    Big Box Stores (Continue Online Marketing and expanding Offline)

    Thanks @KLaw for the bump. This might be outside most peoples experience; I know it is outside of mine (Which is why I posted). Most of the Fastlane stuff preached here is usually digital focused. I see working retail as a fantastic means of building residual cash for the business (you see it...
  13. Nik Krohn

    Big Box Stores (Continue Online Marketing and expanding Offline)

    I am looking for some suggestions from the crowd about how best to branch out successfully into retail stores (Boutiques & Big Box) for our product(s). I have a unique patented product that I licensed from some entrepreneurs/inventors and grew their product sales from $2000/mo to $12,000/mo. It...
  14. Nik Krohn

    HOT TOPIC from manufacturer to amazon? Yay or Nay?

    You can always go down the route of having a REAL quality product that is protected by a patent and if anyone tries to cut you out, you hit them hard with your patent. They always back down. Just sayin' :P
  15. Nik Krohn

    EXECUTION Local service based business (low start-up, hard-work, high reward)

    Good luck on the business! For me, I have done the local business thing and have decided that it is the hardest thing to be FASTLANE. Even if the business takes off, you have to leverage other people (Human Resource System) to bring it to scale. You will hit a certain ceiling for the local...
  16. Nik Krohn

    Shipping options - good enough?

    I even more recommend shipping when you are in this price range because chances are your product is on the smaller and lighter end which usually results in an increase in revenue when charging shipping. I think I make about $1.30 for each item I ship and that is more then the product itself...
  17. Nik Krohn

    Shipping options - good enough?

    They find out when they get to the cart. Most people know that there is usually some form of shipping when ordering a specialty product (Amazon excluded). Even when they buy my product on, groupon etc there is usually shipping. Keeping shipping makes a person feel special when you...
  18. Nik Krohn

    Shipping options - good enough?

    I personally NEVER offer free shipping on any of my commerce sites. I would rather lower the price a tad on the front end which usually gets them in and generates more traffic and charge standards shipping. The reason I do this is because I can always run a retargeting ad offering FREE...

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