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  1. mws87

    Rank and Rent SEO - thoughts and resources?

    No. I find interested parties then build out my platforms. I was more referring to the actual "renting" part of it rather than an entire step-by-step process. Whatever you choose to do — affiliate, lead gen, r&r, whatever — just stick with it. So many people in this industry hop from idea to...
  2. mws87

    Rank and Rent SEO - thoughts and resources?

    Rank & Rent is thrown around a lot these days. Are you referring to using a lightbox plugin to overlay your client's site on top of yours? Or are you referring to ranking a page and selling the leads (lead generation)? Here's the thing everyone screws up: call businesses first and get their...
  3. mws87

    How to make 1$ per day?

    I'll fix the question for you: "How can I help and provide value for one person a day?"
  4. mws87

    O/T: HEALTH Fastlane Fasting Friends

    Are you all using any apps to track? There are a lot of good fasting apps out there. Maybe there's one with shared view for fasts? Good be good to build a little support group of forum fasters and intermittent fasters
  5. mws87

    O/T: HEALTH Fastlane Fasting Friends

    Water. Salt. Magnesium. That's what I do for my 23-hour fasts, anyway. Gets rid of the headaches, keeps you hydrated and sharp.
  6. mws87

    NOTABLE! Is Anyone Else Intermittent Fasting?

    I was mentally in a bad place over the past few years. Gained a bunch of weight, was struggling to keep my head on straight. Constant panic attacks/anxiety, etc. all while trying to run a business. I was at the heaviest I'd been and I just got fed up. Got tired of feeling like crap all the...
  7. mws87

    EXECUTION Instagram Management: Cold Call my way to 100 clients

    Be careful with lists. I've heard a lot of conflicting things about it. One thing I could recommend is checking out sites like buzzfile & manta to find businesses. Both sites give you an estimate of what the company's revenue is probably like. Doing this has saved me tons of time weeding out...
  8. mws87

    HOT TOPIC Movies to watch with Fastlane Mindset/ Lessons?

    The Big Short Founder Nightcrawler — not really "fastlane", but it'll still resonate with anyone who has an entrepreneur mindset. And a couple thrills to go with it.
  9. mws87

    Convince me not to use WIX for Ecommerce

    Instead of wondering if you should use Wix or not, try looking at who Wix is made for, and ask yourself if you fit that bill—spoiler alert: you probably don't. Typically, platforms like Wix or SquareSpace tend to target an audience that couldn't otherwise afford a more tailored solution...
  10. mws87

    NOTABLE! Zero sales, not enough $ to move out from parents

    @MakeMoreMoves sorry if this has been mentioned, but is this a product people can sell in a store/at a kiosk? If I were you I'd stop worrying about influencers and start talking to real people. Hit up stores in person and on the phone, try to push your product through a store. Have you done...
  11. mws87

    EXECUTION I Got Fired Today. Succeed or Bust!

    I can tell you why you're not getting responses. These are just guesses, by the way. The messages are too long. It reads like a canned email - if you sent 100 emails and didn't even get a "not interested" / "take me off your list" / "there's a special place in hell for salespeople like you"...
  12. mws87

    HOT TOPIC What do you do when you have no ideas

    Just keep things simple. Don't over-think your situation or you'll end up never getting anything done. Want to read books and learn? Go read books and learn. Just make sure you're applying the knowledge and not just storing it for no reason. Learning without application or execution can be...
  13. mws87

    HOT TOPIC Any multi-millionaires or billionaires on this forum?

    In the early stages you shouldn't be worried about AAA polish or appearance. There are tons of free resources out there (unreal Engine, unity, cryengine) to prototype and create an MVP. You're gonna need something that makes sense for an investor. Personally, I'd start with a prototype. Get...
  14. mws87

    NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    Ha! That takes me back. I remember working a 17 hour day (not. Frigging. Kidding) one time because I got stuck with a late deal. Went home and got about 4 hours sleep to get up and go back for another 12. Talk about a life-suck.
  15. mws87

    Found This Story: My brother killed himself because of BTC

    I can't imagine equating my life to a dollar amount on a screen or a missed opportunity.
  16. mws87

    No one knew he was getting paid and not showing up...

    Ha, that's what I get for skimming. Makes total sense now.
  17. mws87

    No one knew he was getting paid and not showing up...

    Reminds me of the movie Office Space. Kinda makes you wonder what this company's communication is like, let alone their attention to detail.
  18. mws87

    MOVING OUT with $2,000 and no credit, or am I DELUSIONAL

    Agreed! Worst case scenario for a 20 y/o you (hopefully) learn a lesson or two and you're still young enough to go back home with your tail between your legs and not much consequence. Then again, we don't know much about your personal situation other than you're twenty and have no credit. And...
  19. mws87

    HOT TOPIC How to Get Rid of Negative Friends

    Had a lot of negative folks in my life some time ago. Dropped contact with them and my life, mood, and health improved ten fold in what felt like only weeks. I used to be a smoker and toxic people remind me a lot of walking cigarettes. You think they're great because you're used to them, but...

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