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  1. slim_jim

    O/T: FUNNY Tools Explained Clearly

    Very funny, very true, Tatonka.
  2. slim_jim

    WEB/DIGITAL Using templates?

    "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery" so using templates would be totaly acceptable. Of course, you will modify to suit your tastes e.g. color, fonts, etc.
  3. slim_jim

    WEB/DIGITAL Recommendations on a web developer?

    Hey JLaw, put on your fireproof suit. You're going to get toasted for bashing a long time, quality, forum member. She has taken a job/career change and turned it into an e-business/internet opportunity by helping clients, without the technical knowledge or that don't want to spend the...
  4. slim_jim

    WEB/DIGITAL Recommendations on a web developer?

    Windows or one of the *nix's? If one of the *nix's, would that 5 minute install be from a graphical interface, like Cpanel, et al or command line? MySQL setup using phpMyAdmin from Cpanel or command line? It may be 3 to 5 minutes. Depending on knowledge and experience or it may be just a...
  5. slim_jim

    New age Entrepreneur...Why it is scary.

    Like they say in "nawlins" Woot! there it is........ <snip> once i started filling the void people were calling me, emailing me wanted me to provide services </snip> You have the answer. rinse, lather, repeat.
  6. slim_jim

    WEB/DIGITAL Recommendations on a web developer?

    How about wildambitions? I believe she is doing installations and set up of blogs and websites. Definitely support forum users. HTH
  7. slim_jim

    Website was HACKED!

    Another option, besides a dedicated server, would be a Virtual Server. Cheaper than dedicated hardware. A restore, if there were a problem, would be faster, due to snapshotting. Can recommend someone, if interested. Please contact via PM. HTH James
  8. slim_jim

    HOT TOPIC Silver, the Poor Man's Gold

    Support levels? Just my $.02
  9. slim_jim

    Hello, my name is Jerry and I'm an entrepreneur...

    Great story. Welcome. Take a little tour, there are many nuggets in the Legendary Threads - Millionaire Entrepreneur Forum (Legendary Threads - Millionaire Entrepreneur Forum) area.
  10. slim_jim

    REAL ESTATE Commercial Real Estate

    I thought this article was interesting. REIT: Commercial real estate is a good investment again- MSN Money What do TFLM CRE pros think? Is this contrarian or now, since it is on mainstream news..... :huh2: James
  11. slim_jim

    O/T: FUNNY Where I think best - joke

    From the thread It reminded me of this bathroom joke- Some come hear to sit and think Others come to sh*t and stink I come here to scratch my b*lls and read the writing on...
  12. slim_jim


    Thanks for the intro. Welcome.
  13. slim_jim

    Leaving a job at a company I love - how to give notice?

    The hard thing to do is the right thing to do. Based on your comment, you know you should or you wouldn't be asking. I understand you feelings..... Please let us know what you end up deciding. James
  14. slim_jim

    OFF-TOPIC Congrats Proud Papa - JScott

    Life as you know it is over.... for the good and the bad. Congratz
  15. slim_jim

    REAL ESTATE Using IRA to Buy Real Estate

    Here is a very good thread regarding this topic - Here is another good thread - HTH
  16. slim_jim

    WEB/DIGITAL Aff Methods

    Yes, please continue..... when you have time.
  17. slim_jim

    Changing My Business Premise

    Scratch an itch. Have you built or manufactured or programmed or solved a problem for yourself that someone else might buy or pay money for? Many programs/games or solutions started out as a problem someone solved for themselves, then other people saw it, wanted it and were willing to pay...
  18. slim_jim

    I decided to finally register

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. slim_jim

    O/T: FUNNY Jokes

    LOL, Joey was thinking outside the box, the fastlane..... Very good MJ.

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