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  1. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Lacking grit.........How do I fix it?

    Think less... Do more. Don't worry about where you rate in this or that... Use it as a guide, but you are NOT stuck there. Move forward. Don't think, analize and question... Just do! You will do fine!
  2. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Hello fastlaners

    Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing you around! All this young blood here makes me feel old lol
  3. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Quote of the Day - QOTD

    I REALLY like this quote! Thank you for posting it! I have been frustrated as of late because I feel like I have been spinning my tires worse than a Dodge Viper on ice!
  4. W4RHRSE

    What would you do with free barns?

    If the barns are aged and you are looking for money, repurposed wood is in high demand. Old, faded wood it made into tables and all sorts of stuff that go for insane amounts of cash!
  5. W4RHRSE

    Do you have to lie to become a top producer in Sales?

    Really?!? You have to lie to sell? Wow! Good thing I didn't know that. I was a car salesman and made some amazing sales. Some benefitted me more, some my customer more. But I always left the decision to them. If I'd recommend something I would explain why. Honest business will ALWAYS help in...
  6. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Time to get back up again

    Falling is the fun part. It doesn't effect me. I have fallen and failed too many times to count. But I got back up and learned from each. You got this! Set a plan and DO IT! Glad to meet you! See you around!
  7. W4RHRSE

    I overcame depression & found love

    Love and solice in life can only be found in you. Don't let anyone or anything rob you of the warmth of those feeling. You had an amazingly rough journey this far, and some other I know have as well. The past gives Slowlanders a reason to give excuses for failure and underachieving. Don't let...
  8. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Ambitious 21 year old college student

    Take @Envision's advice... Read the book. There is alot of verbage that you will not understand until you do. Also, take your time and read some Gold Threads! It is always great to see new blood in here! I look forward to seeing you around! Welcome aboard!
  9. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Top 3 movies every entrepreneur needs to watch?

    Step Brothers Not Another Teen Movie Debbie Does Dallas Admittingly, you have to look for the meaning... Actually, you know... Never mind.
  10. W4RHRSE

    getting off the hamster wheel

    When it hits, rarely is there a buildup. Especially when you have done things right. I don't tire from seeing posts like this! Congratulations!
  11. W4RHRSE

    NOTABLE! Going "All In"

    Wow! Nothing can be more dangerous or more enlightening than going all in. However... There are instances that going all in may not be appropriate. Do not jump in water before knowing the depth. Do not drive a car to it's limit, if you can't drive. As far as enthusiasm, I would agree. Also in...
  12. W4RHRSE

    Investing in Yourself - Right or Wrong Decision?

    I have had a few mentors in my life, not one ever charged me for it. Books and tapes of successful people are cheap (especially through the library). As far as courses. I leveraged my time. I got jobs. Ergo, I was paid to be trained. It has made a differance in my life, but it may not be for...
  13. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Matthew: The 18-Year Old Canadian

    I use to try and build business mad. Trying to prove all the people wrong who said I couldn't, but something strange recently happened... Everyone in my life (except the old stand byes) are positive... I literally didn't know what to do... There was no fuel to my desire. I was a ship at full...
  14. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Brave

    I apologize. I have been a biker too long lol Look, you are already brave. You have the guts the be here and believe in yourself. Even if just in your own mind, you are brave. It doesn't take chutzpah or gravitas to make your business work. Just, believe in yourself. You can do it!
  15. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Brave

    I see resilience as durability and toughness. But, again... That is me. You are either phony tough, or crazy brave. Short of getting punched in the face to see which one you are, I suggest telling someone you know who will not support you. See if they deter you. If even one doubt slinks its way...
  16. W4RHRSE

    HOT TOPIC Brave

    I would rate resilience higher than bravery. But, that is me.
  17. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Matthew: The 18-Year Old Canadian

    That is one heck of an intro @Matthew Duff ! Great job! Every one of us has been primed for the Slowlane. But you definalty have a plan and a way (in this fourm) to break out of the gravity of the Slowlane and accel to your dreams and desires! Great to meet you! Hope to see more of you around!
  18. W4RHRSE

    INTRO My business vision

    Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing you around!
  19. W4RHRSE

    INTRO Fastlane boot.

    First things first... From one Vet to another, Thank you for serving! And welcome! I know that fire burning in your gut. Telling you you HAVE to do something. I know it well! I am sorry to hear about what has recently happened! The road of life rarely is kind or smooth, but I swear, some...
  20. W4RHRSE

    INTRO 29y/o from canada switching lanes

    Welcome aboard Dan! There are a number of threads on coding also a ton of other info you may be looking for. Go look at some Gold Threads and cast away on your journey. I look forward to seeing you around!!

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