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  1. alexkuzmov

    OFF-TOPIC Friday Fun - part 1

    View: A reality show, Geek Love. Essentially, grown adults lost in their hyper realities. Their parents dont do them any favours as well... I`m a bit lost for words. Comments?
  2. alexkuzmov

    RANT Savour the Pain

    Wasnt sure if I should post this in Health and Fitness or General mindset. Yesterday was fitness day, had a very nice workout, but nothing memorable. Today I had to really strain myself because I`m busy with furnishing an apartment from scratch. Check my original thread: REAL ESTATE - Buy with...
  3. alexkuzmov

    Opinions about Depop

    Hey forum, Have any of you tried: Depop - The creative community's mobile marketplace What is your opinion? Do you know how it works? Is it worth it? Do they take a percent cut or? It requires a registration to access the offers, which to me seems counter productive if I want to sell on their...
  4. alexkuzmov

    Practical guide to web/mobile development.

    Hey forum, I need some feedback. I think I`ve spotted a niche in which I can provide alot of value so I would like to hear your thoughts. I stumbled on this awesome video View: The guy really knows his stuff, he`s not biased and the information he...
  5. alexkuzmov

    REAL ESTATE Buy with garage or without?

    Hey Forum, I need some outside perspective. Ive found a good apartment + garage to buy. They are sold separately, the current owner refuses to go down in price if I buy them both. He's willing to sell the apartment without the garage. In both cases the deal will be financed by a bank for 85% of...
  6. alexkuzmov

    OFF-TOPIC Sidewalk to death

    View: Most of them work. This makes me sad.
  7. alexkuzmov

    OFF-TOPIC Lets talk about - Ideas(I know I know, pawns...) how to combat climate change.

    Hey everyone, lets talk about this climate change thing. The way I see it: PROBLEM: Human societies(industry, transport, energy etc.) dump massive amounts of C02 in the atmosphere. Because C02 is less transparent to sun light (than nitrogen or oxygen), more of the energy from the sun is...
  8. alexkuzmov

    INTRO Looking to learn

    Hey Everyone, my name is Alex, I`m from Bulgaria, 30 years old. Currently I`m a Software Engineer trying to unscript. Many reasons have brought me here. I want to be less selfish and be more aware of the wants and needs of others. Whatever time I have left I would like to spend it doing what I...

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