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  1. Kruiser

    how to better monitor your Android phone use

    A few days ago Google released a few new apps as part of its Digital Wellbeing Experiment. One of them is Unlock Clock, an app that tracks how many times you unlock your phone each day. I installed it... ...and have been utterly shocked by how many times I am uneccessarily unlocking my phone...
  2. Kruiser

    Are direct sales skills necessary for entrepreneurial success?

    I’m wondering to what extent direct, person to person, sales skills are necessary for entrepreneurial success, especially in the context of a product-based business (like ecomm). While I’m trying to get my own product-based business going, I’m helping another forum member by doing some sales...
  3. Kruiser

    O/T: HEALTH All guys over 25 must read . . .

    Part 1 About five months ago I was diagnosed with a somewhat common but frequently undiagnosed medical issue that is not even on the radar of most primary care physicians. Fixing that medical issue has had massive benefits to my productivity, business, and general well-being. I feel...
  4. Kruiser

    EXECUTION My starting plan - thoughts?

    I wrote yesterday in my introduction that I would start a progress thread today, so here it is. That being said, I regret making that commitment yesterday. I've learned an amazing amount just reading through forum posts today (especially biophase's ecommerce thread) and feel like I should spend...
  5. Kruiser

    INTRO Recovering Lawyer

    Hi All, I'm excited to join the forum! I've been practicing law for about the past 9 years. I've hated most of it. I'm not sure if there is another profession that is quite as stressful and boring. But my student loans are mostly paid now. For most of my adult life I've struggled with...

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