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  1. spreng

    RANT Laid off will get $2,400 per month on top of 100% of wages - WTF?

    dang people who get laid off are going to start making more then me when I dont sell anything because the market is so trash
  2. spreng

    INTRO Seeing Adult Life

    No to dropshipping . Hone your skills and find your edge. Welcome by the way.
  3. spreng

    NOTABLE! Income Store Shut down by SEC, How to Whistleblow Scams

    Too bad they only pay whistleblower fees for investment type scams and not all the fake gurus on youtube. We could make a killing.
  4. spreng

    Should I stop watching the news?

    Read the wall street journal, perhaps some actually non-biased new sources. Those are hard to find these days. The majority of news outlets are fearmongering centers with agendas to push, so no... don't bother.
  5. spreng

    How much are/were you making at your slowlane job?

    24, 100k. Currently all I do is work and network. Planning on, in 5 years, to build a SaaS company with high performers that I have shortlisted.
  6. spreng

    Does how you view Free Will matter? - Free Will, Power, and Change

    I've found that I'm able to separate belief from knowing, with free-will there are 3 philosophical schools of thought. -Free will exists -Free will does not exist -free will does not exist but act as it does You can logically understand that all actions have a root cause and predisposed...
  7. spreng

    GOLD! First Fastlane Month, Feels Amazing! $65,000+ Revenue Pre-tax

    this is awesome, congrats! Inspiring really, i might look into committing to learning RoR because of this. Keep up the good work.
  8. spreng

    Total Networth -$59,751.31

    Well, here are some step by step solutions: 1. Sell your shit and move to west texas, all you need is about $200. Join facebook pages for oil companies and take the first labor hand job they have for $18/hour which should come out to around 80k a year with overtime. Pay off student debt in...
  9. spreng

    $50k Cash... What Should I Invest in?

    umm... probably just put it in a well diversified portfolio, maybe heavier on gold for now. Perhaps buy a business with an SBA loan if you are ready for a 24/7 job
  10. spreng

    HOT TOPIC Getting no support or respect from close friends

    People are very aggressive in the manner which they push mediocrity. Almost like evangelists of mediocre lives. -------------- "For the moment I am living off an inheritance, I have about another year left til I run out but I plan to get a part time job over the winter so I for sure won't have...
  11. spreng

    MEETUPS 2020 Fastlane Summit at Talking Stick Resort... Event Info

    seriously interested, am not yet a fastlaner in practice though and don't want to be shamed :p
  12. spreng

    Vanity Phone Number Portfolio: Should I Sell or Generate Leads?

    Okay so, the LA one could make you bang on mortgages or other loan leads. I don't know the industry at all, but I imagine your phone number would need direct marketing from a website or ads. I don't know of a phone number by itself holding much value. It seems like you have a "nice to have"...
  13. spreng

    RANT on people being risk averse leeches to your business

    In this instance, I had in mind a capital intensive start up involving lots of real estate, so capital raising is required. But yeah, in almost all cases I'd rather take on debt than give up equity. And equity is expected in startup work since it's so risky and harder. If you paid in straight...
  14. spreng

    RANT on people being risk averse leeches to your business

    I've come to a realization lately. Trying to start a business with a friend or someone else is a dumb a$$ idea. NOBODY will commit to your idea in the seed stage as much as you will. People wait to jump on board once you have taken the risk and had the vision to make things happen. And you...
  15. spreng

    Taking over business from retiring baby boomers

    I'm working on this as well but laying the groundwork. Finding mentors, potential future partners, cultivating a group of people that will bring me deals. I am also wondering, legitimately, if now is the right time to buy... with a potential recession looming.
  16. spreng

    EXECUTION My pressure washing business thus far

    this is great work. Sometimes you just have to pick something and go. How many hours a week is your day job? are you doing this on weekends?
  17. spreng

    Taking over business from retiring baby boomers

    what's the best way to find a business like this?
  18. spreng

    HOT TOPIC Undercover Billionaire, My Take on the Fake...

    Maybe I'll just take a documentary crew around with me now. Seems like the best route to wealth :p
  19. spreng

    HOT TOPIC The AI Entrepreneurship thread. Code AI? Interested in AI? Data Science? Machine Learning?

    I'm interested in seeing what developments AI makes, and maybe getting into a vertical aligned with it. Currently run 2 domains meant to generate b2b AI SaaS leads, will see how that goes :p. Big problem I've found is predicting buyer intent with b2b products, especially AI. Perhaps product...

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