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    REAL ESTATE boom bust then ?

    Many of the guys that post/posted on the richdad forum kept saying that they were going to wait on the sidelines for real-estate to go up and then crash and buy for pennies on the dollar. John Burley just said he expects this to happen in the next few years. I always put little stock in this...
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    analog to digital switch

    Hey One more year and you can say adios to analog tv. The list below are the companies that are going to be making the boxes the government is going to subsidize. Maybe some stock plays ?People will also be replacing tv's and vcr/dvd recorders...... Rob Coupon Eligible...
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    REAL ESTATE buying from da builder

    The was an article in todays paper about builders offering 60-100k off the selling price. Or a combination of throwing in upgrades and price lowering. Wonder if anyone is looking at this angle ? One of the things I subscribe to is a group that looks at partnering with the builder then cash out...

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