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  1. Amon

    NOTABLE! The True Unlock to Wealth (disclaimer: It's not reading) @millennials

    I haven't posted much on here because I've been busy building momentum in my life. Background: I grew up in Lakewood, OH in a single parent home with my mom and brother. We have lived below the poverty line for quite some time, due to my mother's inability to work. My brother suffers from a...
  2. Amon

    EXECUTION On Hustling, Conquering analysis paralysis, and finally taking control

    A few months ago I made my introduction on this amazing forum that has a little more background of me, which you can check out here ----- Introduction - Getting on a plane - Young, Penniless and inexperienced With this post, I hope to inspire others that have already begun or are looking to...
  3. Amon

    Results matter most

    As I've been learning as much as possible while connecting with like-minded individuals, with some being my age; I have seen a common trend that I want to address. As a young entrepreneur, many challenges must be faced head on, including your age and naivety. But I've got good news (for me and...
  4. Amon

    INTRO Getting on a plane - Young, Penniless and inexperienced

    Hello Fastlane community, My name is Amon Hanshaw (pronounced AY-MEN) and I am 18 years old. All my life I had this sneaking suspicion, like many of you, that there absolutely had to be more. From a young age, I was surrounded by slowlane. My mother had always wanted me to grow up and be a...

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