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  1. ^eagle^

    INTRO Re introduction

    Hello, Some of you old timers might remember me. Crazy new penny chasing, No listening to advice Forex trading Czar til DoddFrank took me down while in Beta... What ever..The list goes on. I reached a point Where I had given up. I thought maybe I was too crazy to make it... I'm smart...
  2. ^eagle^

    INTRO Old time member, battered and beaten

    Hi, Many of the old timers here probably have recollections of my ramblings. I have failed numerous times at numerous endeavors. Some were going well until the Government stepped in and forced me to quit. I won't go into details. if you are curious my posts are archived. I went underground...
  3. ^eagle^

    Critique on my website Ok, Started my Landing page. would like feed back on it. Its made with godaddy's WYSIWYG. I only know I tiny bit of HTML. I don't have time for internet marketing and basically only weekends to work on the website as trading during the week takes a good portion...
  4. ^eagle^

    Invention: Next step.

    Ok I had an Idea and built a working prototype. I have researched patents and found both a similar patent already exists and an actual company that is selling it. I can make it for about half the price and am targeting a new Niche I know will explode in the coming years. So far my neighbors...
  5. ^eagle^

    Theory X Vs. Theory Y

    Theory X and Theory Y : Theories of employee Motivation I find it difficult to operate under someone who believes in theory X. I am my own worst critic and will seek out ways to improve. I may not necessarily take those things that are presented to me because. a. The presenter has no...
  6. ^eagle^


    From the article: The rest of Sacca’s journey, including stops at Google and his first angel investments in PhotoBucket and Twitter, are much better known. What few realize, however is that his success today very nearly didn’t happen. It was his tenacity and refusal to quit, even when...
  7. ^eagle^


    Timeline Photos | Facebook This guy is ultimately fastlane. But ran into a dead end. Thoughts?
  8. ^eagle^

    FAILURE Another big goof.

    Hey gang. It's your favorite misfit reporting in. Just to let you know I am still alive. I had a recent run in. That has set me back once again. When researching a potential partner or buyer of a business Due diligence is essential. I went into a business venture with my stepson. I won't...
  9. ^eagle^

    MARKETPLACE Energy drink promotion

    Search Results For xs energy drink Buy 5 cases of XS get One free. PM me for details. High energy without the sugar crash. 4900% Vitamin B12. Good only for April. Must register on site. Free shipping available. Rock star will make you go Blind. Amp tastes terrible. red bull is so 2000.
  10. ^eagle^

    MARKETPLACE Brink and Mortar Tire business for sale

    Tools, Equipment, Accounts, License, LLC, Domain and 24 foot box truck for sale. Looking for a fast way to start up a business in Florida? We did all the hard work. Just need a place to set up plus a wheel balancer. Business partner is gone and I don't have time to run...
  11. ^eagle^

    MARKETPLACE Quality pre-owned tires for $10 and up!

    Well, They say that the average millionaire fails 17 times before they finally succeed. Here we go again. Tires and Tires I know the website is crap but I'm open to suggestions. And if you want to buy some tires let me know. I may have something for you!:fastlane: I think all fastlaners...
  12. ^eagle^

    O/T: FUNNY Things that make you go DAMN! Post it here!

    Triple play! Logan Schafer Starts Triple Play After Ball Bounces Off Head In Minor League Game (VIDEO)
  13. ^eagle^

    HOT TOPIC Daily Forex trading for the 9 to 5er

    This is a daily mashup trading method for foreign currencies and metals. It can also be used for stocks or other commodities. Its a very simple method that has a very high success rate. It is a compilation of things I have learned over the past two years about forex trading and I'm giving it...
  14. ^eagle^

    Strawman, UCC-1, sovereignty

    I have been attending a gathering of like minded individuals who are either in the process of becoming soveriegn or are already there. I would like to know if any of you have any knowledge about this movement. I have read both sides of the argument but just cant figure out who is telling the...
  15. ^eagle^

    WEB/DIGITAL My daughter and I are starting a website.

    My daughter and I had an interesting talk today. She asked me for an allowance. I thought about this for a while I cant stnad the thought of my daughter working for a paycheck. I explained to her that although she could do extra chores for money what I wanted her to do is think of ways to...
  16. ^eagle^

    WEB/DIGITAL robots.txt files

    I found this free site that generates codes for robots.txt files. Robots.txt Generator - McAnerin International Inc. My question is once you have a code where does it go? In my website builder I have a meta tags area where I put key words and such, Do i Just paste my code in there or does...
  17. ^eagle^

    OFF-TOPIC A "real" Eagle's eye view

    YouTube - Real birds eye view! Golden Eagle in flight - Animal Camera - BBC Enjoy YouTube - Real birds eye view! Golden Eagle in flight - Animal Camera - BBC
  18. ^eagle^

    O/T: FUNNY Well, it's about time some one thought of THIS!

    This is for REAL! Man, I wish i would have had the cajones to think of this! LMAO Rated pg13 Fresh Balls :: Home :: So Fresh, So Dry
  19. ^eagle^

    MARKETPLACE Forex Auto Pilot: Supercharged!

    HI guys! This is my latest creation. This is a software program designed to trade foreign currencies. I teach you how manually overide the robot so that it can generate fantastic profits. It comes with a 6 week 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. If you want to get your...

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