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  1. AndreP

    MEETUPS My story is coming to the USA!

    Proud to announce... Next week I will be a guest on the Linkedin live show "Level up Experience "from Chris Reed. I will talk about: My Story... My work …. My Goals.... And of course we gonna talk a lot about gaming! Interested, tune in on Linkedin : Level up experience on wednesday 26t of...
  2. AndreP

    OFF-TOPIC Gaming Entrepreneurs?!?!

    I used to be a real gamer, when i was 11 years old i started with the C64. There was a period in my life I was playing too much, it was a problem. But from these experiences I have been able to make my strength, now I have a successful company that provides training to professionals and...
  3. AndreP

    Mentorbox, go or no go??

    Hello my friends, I love reading books, and try to read as much as possible every day. I really have a lot of books on my list that I want to read...but you know time is sometimes an issue. On Instagram I walked into this advertising from Mentorbox, MentorBox LLC. Story looks ok, did...
  4. AndreP

    Book : The Slight Edge: what do you think?

    Hey,I am a real book fan, I read a lot and I enjoy doing it. It inspires me and I am always actively looking for recommendations, must-reads on this forum. This book that I am reading now actually happened by accident, the book is called: "The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into...
  5. AndreP

    Is this the Golden idea? Need your thoughts

    Hello fellow fasrlaners I really want to share this with you. I'm making this message in Chengdu, China ( hooray for vpn). I go to China to give training and lectures, very nice of course and it is well paid. But since I am thinking the fastlane way, I'm constantly thinking of a way to...
  6. AndreP

    MEETUPS Who is on LinkedIn?

    Hello Fastlaners, This is a call for a digital meetup. In the Netherlands LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for professional, and as a entrepreneur I love it. Are you also active on Linkedin? If this is a yes , I really want to connect with you...
  7. AndreP

    My hardest buseniss lesson , what is yours?

    Hello you all I realy want to share this story with you, it is about my partner (who I really trust) and our company and a merge that didn't work out!!! 4 years ago We had a good growing company with a lot of potential. We wanted to create leverage by merging with another party, they also had...
  8. AndreP

    The Ultimate stock market scam!?

    A few days ago I watched the Netflix docu ' The Chinese Hustle'. I ran into it by luck , because this docu isn't well known in the Netherlands ( how about the US?) And to be honest, I was a little bit shocked and also pleased, because this is why I don't give my money to this scams on the...
  9. AndreP

    The power of Meditation???!!!

    Hello all, I have a question about meditation,. You must know my head always works. Friends sometimes say that I have an ADHD brain;). Ideas come and go, this is of course a good feature for an entrepreneur, but I also want some rest sometime. Also because after rest, there is room for new...
  10. AndreP

    INTRO Hello, greetings from the Netherlands ;)

    Hi you all, I am Andre Parren, 44 years of age and proud parent of two children in puberty (Help...). I am a Peadgogue own two bussenisses in the social domain. The core bussines is how to deal with youth and adolescents. Writer of many books, my latest is "Grip on gaming", succesfull in the...

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