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    Possible App

    I have a large forum on Xenforo currently and I'm starting to wish I never went that direction. It's not that the software is bad, or that it isn't secure.. but it's lacking so much. The type of forum I use, I have a small subset of users that are loyal, but demand to have Tapatalk installed...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    To add on some of the other posts; If you decide you may want to build websites, you can handle the front and backend with Django (which is Python based). So it's still a win win language.
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    Programming Side hustle?

    For those wondering and wanting to grab a good/fast foundation on core programming principles that covers multiple languages at once, Harvard has a free online (self paced) course that has one of the best programming teachers I have witnessed. You have nothing to lose by checking it out. It...
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    Programming Side hustle?

    Python is good to learn as a first language. The most important part is to realize that programming is not about the language so much as the problem solving. What I mean is, some languages are more powerful than others. Some will let you develop rapidly, while some will let you have much more...
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    Introducing My Business Idea: International Snack E-Commerce.

    Edit: I should have read the thread, others have beat me to the punch with the idea.. but again do it better: You gave me a great idea, but I will share it here instead since I would have never thought of it without this post. You know those monthly sampler packs you can sign up for various...
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    Possible App

    Last I messed around with the Tapatalk plugin on a forum, they inserted their own ads into your forum to make them a good chunk of cash for the right to use their "platform". As the end user on their phone, it's fine... and I was not aware they still offered branded apps. I have a large forum...
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    Possible App

    Long story short, Xenforo is a great software with lots of good security, but they are lacking when it comes to a lot of features their users want. The ability to turn the forum/software into a usable mobile app is one of them. You used to could do it through Tapatalk, which is yet another...

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