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  1. ProblemSolving

    Humor in advertisement?

    I'm learning photography. So I posted this ad: ====================================== Title: Need a photo? I'm the BEST photographer Hey guys, I'll be the BEST photographer in the world. However I'm just starting out, so you can get a FREE quality photo. For now. Hurry up while it lasts...
  2. ProblemSolving

    Selling at soccer match. Which product do you recommend?

    Yo, There is a soccer match in the local stadium next week. I plan to sell stuffs to sport fans there. I probably will sell cold lemonade or ice cream because they will get thirsty. Which product you think will appeal most to sport fans at the stadium?
  3. ProblemSolving

    O/T: HEALTH Be healthy with very cheap food. Is that possible?

    So I plan to cut money on food to invest all money in my business. My diet is: - Chicken nuggets / Meatballs: $5, 1800 calories, 60% fat and 40% protein. - Lemon / Apple / Orange juice, $4, 1800 calories, 100% carb. So I tested this diet for a week, with $5 a day I can fill in the calories...
  4. ProblemSolving

    EXECUTION [Progress] Expanding Demand and Gaining Control

    The Fiverr business My old thread was about a Fiverr business, and the business died. Not completely, but it's no longer sustainable. I still got a client outside Fiverr, and to me that is very valuable. Because that is a piece of control. The strategy I'm pretty good at stay alive. But...
  5. ProblemSolving

    Billing my client. Recommending resource?

    So this is my first time having a client outside Fiverr, via a referral. After reviewing his project, all is good, he would like pay me by the hour. I’d like a billing system like this: - Client have a credit card on file - Each week I send the bill based on the hours I work to the client’s...
  6. ProblemSolving

    O/T: HEALTH Coconut oil vs canola oil

    At the supermarket today, I was about to buy coconut oil. A quick look online said that coconut oil less healthy than the canola oil. But I was still compelled to buy coconut oil. Why? Because coconut oil was more scarce. Plus the beautiful, healthy looking package. Plus the higher price. So...
  7. ProblemSolving

    Cheap camera, any recommendation?

    So I need a camera for various purposes: - Advertising video - Some odd jobs on Upwork/Fiverr, mainly recruiting testers and recording them using the products. The camera should be relatively cheap while producing a good quality video. $100 is nice, but I can stretch my budget to $200-$300...
  8. ProblemSolving

    EXECUTION From 9-to-5 to entrepreneur (journal)

    Week 1: I went on Upwork, and sending proposals. I would have a phone interview next week. It would be a $3 an hour sales job with commission. While it's a crap job, it's slow lane, it serves a few purpose: - I have to start somewhere. - I'll learn the sales skill, which will be crucial to...
  9. ProblemSolving

    INTRO 9-to-5 to entrepreneur

    My reason to join here might be ridiculous. Regardless... I'm an intern for a big name company. It's my first week, I'm excited about it, I have no complaint, they pay me well, and I probably will land the job. But. A few years from now. If the company fires me, I'll be left stranded. Or if the...

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