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  1. Sagemoney

    Things you've noticed about life after reading TMF

    I hope this isn't a landfill thread in the making, If so mods feel free to delete it. but to elaborate the title, For anyone else after reading the book how did your perception of the world change? To give an example and this is going to sound silly...but I literally began realizing...
  2. Sagemoney

    Dealing with frustration from dropping bad habits.

    Hey all, I know this isn't the typical question for the forum but has anyone gone through this situation? I could use some help. Quick background: for the last three years I've pretty much been addicted to video games, weed and fast food. Three weeks ago after reading TMF I dropped all 3 cold...
  3. Sagemoney

    EXECUTION MMMMMM! 100% Exact Steps (now with more exactness!)

    Hello all and welcome to Sagemoney's fastlane extravaganza! On a more serious note I've never been more excited to create a thread in my life. I am going to document my first excursion into entrepreneurship throughout this thread and hope that my eventual roadblocks and failures will help...
  4. Sagemoney

    INTRO Putting my slow-lane hustling skills to the fast-lane and gaining my freedom

    Hey All, My name is Devon from MI and after hustling in the slowlane for the past 4 years(started I.T at 22 making 20k and quadrupled my salary the past few years no degree) I've decided that my meager salary goal of 100k/yr by 30 was misdirected. I come from a poor family so too me 100k was...

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