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    How can I concentrate on my school?

    You see my problem Is that in austria we have to study every F*cking subject until our a levels so I'm struggling now with the most important german writers allthough it won't be a part of my a levels same with each other subject that's my main problem I have to study things which are genuienly...
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    How can I concentrate on my school?

    Hello, I'm quite inactive in this forum but my substance consume has stopped a lot since my last post so I guess that's not a bad thing my problem is that I can't suceed in F*cking school and I think its a mindset problem, I will do my A Levels in one year and everything we learn is sooo...
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    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset? is not a good source, its founded by the Scientology Church Smoking weed is not a good habit but better than youth drinking. It also depends if you get addicted to thing or substances easily.
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    INTRO Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    I am 16. And I think in switzerland you have a similiar system like we have in austria. Maybe I just want to finish my school because the pressure of society here is really strong. If you have alternative plans I think it's good to 100% focus on your enterpreunership if it's easy with the law...
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    INTRO Hello from a 15 years old guy :D

    Hey Levin, I'm happy to see a person even younger than me. First of all I can understand that you don't like school because I hate it aswell. We learn things that we won't need in our life and we don't even get paid. But you have to do your A-Levels not for yourself but for your future. Under...
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    NOTABLE! Preserving Wealth, My #1 Tip. Don't Get Married! (Or Maybe You Should?)

    I know it sounds corny but I think there is a lid for every pot and if you find your dream women/men and you truly love every aspect of them you can marry them, but I think before marriage you should be together for at least 5 years and you should have lived together for 3 years, so you truly...
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    DSGVO and the law frustrates me

    Yeah I guess you are right. If I want to have sth easy I shouldn't choose being a Buisness owner.
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    DSGVO and the law frustrates me

    Since I'm only 16 years old, I'm technically not allowed to start a buisness myself and I think the DSGVO will kill my plan of building a website, let say I want to make an email newsletter I have to follow thousands of laws, and I really don't know anything about law learning all of this shit...
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    Alcoholic housmate needs to go

    I know lying is bad but just tell him your wife is pregnant and you need the space for your child, if he's not able to pay the rent in the city hes probably moving. I know I sound like a monster but I have dealt with people with a greater drug problem and that's the only way to get their...
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    Bitcoin - litecoin

    I think right now Bitcoin and any other currency expect Pax is way to unstable, the only real stable cryptocurrency is Pax.
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    I want to design a rare streetwear styled hat

    That could possibly work although hats are not modern at the moment, if you maybe use satin you could probably create a hat that can be matched with the Jordan Satin line.
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    Yeah but I have to learn a lot about it since I just started, if you have any recommendations (books, websites etc.) I would love to hear them!
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    Yes. I know Affiliate Marketing isn't the best way to the fastlane, but for me it's just launch pad. When I have enough money to start my own store I will dump the affiliate partners. But at the moment it's just not reasonable to build it.
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    Actually yes I figured out I will work with leading Instagram accounts on that Buisness and will do some kind of a giveaway to boost views on my site after that I thought about seo but I'm still new to this.
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    I have vacation from school and instead of getting high I work now.
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    Can I make a quite simple affiliate marketing site with wordpress?

    Hello, Since my last post a lot has changed I hustled the last 2 nights and wrote about 40 articles for a new affiliate marketing site I want to publish. It should be fairly simple it has to have 5 big blocks of important topic on top of the page with side topics listed under them when you go on...
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    INTRO My life went downhill since my last post, a lot

    Hello, I am YoungnBroke and I am currently 16. I joined this forum a year ago and back then I was really enthusiastic about building up a Buisness. But in the last year a lot of bad shit happened in my life I started drinking shortly after my 15 birthday and about 2 months after that I started...
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    INTRO Hello I'm YoungnBroke

    Hello I'm YoungnBroke my name is programm, sadly. I'm 15 years old from Austria and reading TMF (currently reading Chapter 40). As I am in school full-time I don't have to much time to trade time for money because my education eats up 50 hours a week for no revenue than a piece of paper at the...

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