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  1. Kennypaul

    INTRO I'm the world greatest

    Reading TMF and Unscripted will go a long way for you.It gives a "sense of direction" in an unconventional way.
  2. Kennypaul

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Although I just started.So far,I've only come across a few pointers that the duo don't have.It's not as detailed as the duo but it shows similarities and most things "fastlaners" are aware of.Good book though!.
  3. Kennypaul

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Also "The 10 pillars of wealth" by Alex Becker.
  4. Kennypaul

    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Currently reading "What rich people know and desperately want to keep a secret" by Brian Sher. Amazing book!.
  5. Kennypaul

    Should I learn copywriting or programming?

    My bad....Got carried away there(LOL!!!!)
  6. Kennypaul

    Should I learn copywriting or programming?

    Programming is better to me!....Really complex stuff to learn but I still feel it's better in the long run.Hope my opinion helps you Happy coding!!
  7. Kennypaul

    How do I keep the fastlane mindset?

    By putting up Lamborghinis as your wallpaper on your phone,laptop,wall,board etc(LOL). Just Saying...
  8. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC How to detect deceitful people

    Read Chapter 41-THROW HIJACKERS TO THE CURB! from the Millionaire Fastlane,and I clarify from that chapter: Former President Ronald Reagan once said,"Trust,but verify."When I hired a liar, I trusted but didn't verify.It took several robberies,video cameras,and public record searches to uncover...
  9. Kennypaul

    20 year-old how should I spend free time?

    "Somebody never comes",a wise fastlaner once said.Less youtube videos and more action that produces results.
  10. Kennypaul

    What high income skill should I learn to make money online?

    No offense to you,but I think your question is "event-driven".Instead of thinking with a "money-chasing" mindset,you should find out a skill that involves PROCESS,and creates a solution for others.
  11. Kennypaul

    INTRO Very lost and feel hopeless

    Read Jack Ma's story.It helped and inspired me.Hope it helps you too.
  12. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC Only one life to live - Image from Reddit

    No time to feel sorry for myself.The grinding continues!.
  13. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC What Do Productive People Do?

    Awesome post.Currently reading the book right now.Its really enlightening.Thanks @Roli.
  14. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC One Little Step – advice for wantabes and newbie entrepreneurs

    Awesome post @RazorCut.Thank you.Wish I found this forum earlier too.
  15. Kennypaul

    BOOK The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

    To me it's like the TMF of self development.
  16. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC What habit changed your life?

    Reading....If I hadn't been reading,I would have never come across TMF.
  17. Kennypaul

    HOT TOPIC What bad habits have you broken?

    I had a habit of taking my academic goals way too seriously than real life goals that really matter.I believe TMF,Unscripted and this forum helped me to realize that fastane goals are way better.

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