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  1. JWM

    EXECUTION My journey to $1m / year income

    Well done, great to see you have stuck with it, a lot of people would have thrown in the towel without clients for this long. Your persistence will help you succeed, so long as the business model works
  2. JWM

    GOLD! Is CENTS Destructive to Action?

    I'm always telling myself this, while CENTS is a major component of what you teach, I knew when starting out that I shouldn't follow it religiously in the early days
  3. JWM

    11 questions to test your idea and how to validate it next

    Fantastic post, a lot of questions to ask yourself when starting out. How do you determine what 10x looks like compared to the nearest competitor? How do you benchmark the competition then quantify the differences you offer? Do you need 10x, or do you only need to do it better than the other guy?
  4. JWM

    WEB/DIGITAL Building a new Software for Artifical Intelligence

    Interested to see the progress. I'm not at all familiar with AI but it will be cool to see the progress of a software company.
  5. JWM

    The importance of a morning ritual

    Do you find there is any benefit to meditating almost immediately coming out of a 7 or 8 hour sleep? Would meditating say around midday provide any alternative benefits? Or even towards the end of the day?
  6. JWM

    Little-known Free & Legal Audiobooks/Ebooks Resource (USA/Canada only)

    Nice one, there's a similar system if you have a Kobo/Kindle for eBooks, you can "borrow" the eBooks directly on you ereader
  7. JWM

    A general purpose email address for idea testing/research

    I have no issue with customer discovery, phone calls fits a lot better with what I am doing. Having that catch all email address for further communication once that initial contact has been made is just last last detail to give confidence in legitimacy for the client. In my opinion anyway. I'd...
  8. JWM

    EXECUTION 6 Weeks 100 Sales

    Interested to see your progress
  9. JWM

    INTRO Hi Guys, Trying to break out the matrix

    Welcome to the forum. I was in a similar place to you, decent wage but I knew I didn't want to do what I was doing. Formulate a solid plan before rushing into leaving your job.
  10. JWM

    A general purpose email address for idea testing/research

    Brilliant, such an obviously simple solution, I appreciate the advice
  11. JWM

    Natural Disasters and the Commandment of Control: How Has CV Affected Your Biz?

    Thanks for your insight. You made a few good points there particularly about using the time to invest in the business. Where I am in Australia, as of today all non-essential businesses must close indefinitely, my business falls into this category. We have been able to eliminate almost all...
  12. JWM

    A general purpose email address for idea testing/research

    I would be looking for a permanent solution, thanks for the suggestions though, they may come in useful
  13. JWM

    A general purpose email address for idea testing/research

    I like that idea, did you register a business to tie that in to?
  14. JWM

    A general purpose email address for idea testing/research

    Hi all As someone with many ideas floating around in my head, as I'm sure a lot of you do to, I find myself wondering what the best practice is when it comes to an email address. During the research and validation phase of an idea, sometimes 2 at a time, emailing people is a common task and...
  15. JWM

    Natural Disasters and the Commandment of Control: How Has CV Affected Your Biz?

    Yes, that is one good point, I feel a lot more in control than working for someone else too. What industry do you focus on in terms of programming?
  16. JWM

    Natural Disasters and the Commandment of Control: How Has CV Affected Your Biz?

    The current international climate due to Coronavirus had me thinking about the commandment of control. While @MJ DeMarco wasn’t referring to natural disasters (I use natural disaster as that’s how it’s defined in terms of making business decisions here in Australia) when talking about the...
  17. JWM

    Need accountability partner mine bailed

    How do you define an accountability partner? What goals are you setting and what proof are you providing? Definitely sounds interesting but an outline of your expectations would be good
  18. JWM

    Fastest Way to Build an App?

    It sounds like looking for a partner is your option. You’ve obviously identified the skills you can bring, the skills you need to bring in and that the project is too much for you alone. If all your initial research requirements have been met, start seeking someone who can develop the...
  19. JWM

    Fastest Way to Build an App?

    if you’re trying to turn this into a business and you can’t code, your best bet is to find a partner who can do the development side of things. Go halves in the business, yes you lose half the business but there won’t be that upfront development cost and you can get the ball rolling now, not in...
  20. JWM

    Email subject lines. What’s your technique?

    I was sitting at my computer a few days ago to send an email to a local business of which I want to provide my services to. I was staring at the subject line and wondered how I was to going to go about writing it. The email was successful and I received a quick, positive response. But it got...

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