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  1. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    But I can name 50 great products that failed because their marketing was a problem, and 50 mediocre products that took off because of marketing.
  2. healthstatus

    WEB/DIGITAL Not your typical to code or not to code

    That is pure crap! Good programmers have to start somewhere and on the flip side I have seen really crappy coders with good communication skills and the nerve to ask for a lot of money get it, and turn out a project that looks like it came out of high school tech class. The mantra "it is more...
  3. healthstatus

    WEB/DIGITAL Not your typical to code or not to code

    Anytime you pay for code, you should own it all. You need to get an MVP, as fast as you can on the devices you want to support. Get cash flowing, then pivot based on the feedback you get from real customers. There are good coders at small companies and bad coders at big ones, so the size...
  4. healthstatus

    O/T: HEALTH How to Lower Cholesterol?

    High cholesterol is above 200, not 150. Cholesterol is a marker, lots of people with high cholesterol have strokes and heart attacks, but often times it is just high and no issues. If you weigh 400 pounds and have high cholesterol, it is the weight killing you, not the cholesterol...
  5. healthstatus

    Is your life done when you get gray hair?

    It gets harder and harder to be stupid (in the good way) as you get older. If you get comfortable being comfortable, it is much harder to be risky.
  6. healthstatus

    RANT I Hate Doctors, Man..

    Telemedicine and menu based calls will minimize some of these. Hard to slide you into another test when you are on the phone and not in person. Menu based will allow you to "prepay" at a reduced rate for a specific service, up to you to say no to the add ons. (Actually, always up to you to...
  7. healthstatus

    Starting a filipino virtual assistant company

    The difference between the resume skills claimed and actual skills on the VA side is my biggest frustration. So a "validated" skill would be a huge help. For some tasks a VA version of for data entry, proofing, research, where the client says, this needs to be done, and some...
  8. healthstatus

    GOLD! How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    I am waiting for them to respond to my email...
  9. healthstatus

    GOLD! How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    as soon as I get my website finished.... I just need to tweak the UI.... I'm investigating membership software plugins for Wordpress, do you have suggestions?
  10. healthstatus

    What would you ask a CFO?

    Ask if they invest in startups, and what niches they are looking at right now, and what niches they think will thrive under a Trump presidency.
  11. healthstatus

    Web Performance Optimization niche site

    Not everybody knows their website needs to be faster, but a lot of people want better search rankings and we know speed is a factor. So the keywords you need to look for buying traffic from are going to be SEO related. I would probably have a call to action along the lines of "Is Speed Why...
  12. healthstatus

    O/T: HEALTH Health Insurance Plans
  13. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    As I have said repeatedly in this thread, there is this theory that you can take an online course or read a book and be able to write professional level code in six months or less. You can't. If you could, you would then have to learn how to sell your application. You would be much better...
  14. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)
  15. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    If you would have learned marketing and copywriting, then you would have presold the idea to a number of people and realized no one was going to buy your useless idea and not spent the money having it coded. Why did you accept delivery and pay in full on a buggy untested app? If you tested...
  16. healthstatus

    Best Skills to Learn as an Entrepreneur

    If you are in charge, you have to know how to sell. You sell ideas to employees, vision to investors, products to consumers and bs to bankers. Networking, you need to be able to walk into a room and meet people in a way that interests them in you and that means you being interested in them...
  17. healthstatus

    Aim for singles or home runs?

    Doubles, if you square it up, it turns into a home run, and if you slightly miss it, you still have a single. If you miss on a single, its an out.
  18. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    maybe that is why you aren't successful...
  19. healthstatus

    GOLD! Learning to Program is STUPID! (or SMART?!)

    They didn't start their companies in the last 7 years either. My points on these are fully discussed earlier in the thread.
  20. healthstatus

    Organic Traffic - where is it coming from?

    Sign up for Google Search Console (formerly webmaster tools) that will give you search details.

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