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  1. Jonleehacker

    HOT TOPIC Cryptocurrency a scam?

    This thread reminds me of the red pill / blue pill scene in the Matrix. Bitcoin is tearing away the veil of fiat currency. It is future beyond the ruinous effects of inflation and central bank bubbles that have wreaked havoc and allowed Wall Street bankers to get rich, while robbing everyday...
  2. Jonleehacker

    The 50/50 problem. Partners

    Start with 5% for everyone, then vote every 3 months to see who gets more based on merit. That way you have flexibility to bring in more people, and if someone adds more value for them to be rewarded without having to redo your entire corporate structure. Shares don't need to add up to 100% at...
  3. Jonleehacker

    PUBLISHING How To Fake A Best Seller

    Amazon has another really big problem that they are still ignoring. As soon as any book becomes popular, there are 5 copies competing with it. They are very unresponsive to writer requests to deal with the fraud, despite the fact that it would be very easy to implement an automatic screen...
  4. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    Thanks to entrepreneurs, maybe we'll be able to lay this argument to bed in the near future; The World's First Plant-Based Scrambled Egg - Hampton Creek Foods
  5. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    You keep wanting to make this discussion with me about those ner-do-good dirty rotten vegans who've offended you by trying to get you to belief things that aren't supported by facts, and you're lumping me into that camp... which, given the lovely brandy-braised bacon rapped dates I had as an...
  6. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    But beliefs aren't arrived at rationally. EVERYONE, including you and me, have many beliefs that are completely irrational. The belief that you are presenting that, "fact-based beliefs and statements are the only ones that are valid" is really worth questioning ;) Any great discovery or...
  7. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    So, as long as I follow your regime, me and everyone else in the world will be healthy? If only people were machines, that would work perfectly. It's like saying everyone is going to be rich if we practice "xyz economics" Not realistic, just more justification for creating us vs them policies...
  8. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    Again coming back to my point in how much discussions about diets are just like discussions about religion and politics. Why do you care if vegans are running around deficient in b12? The problem, with this thread, and in the world in general, is that people create identities around things...
  9. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    That's not anything that you can prove. Maybe "some vegans" are sick, but so are "a lot" of non-vegans... the only thing being proven by your points is the pointlessness of the discussion.
  10. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    But the thing is, just like religion, you're never going to prove that "the cells in your body need animal sourced b12" no one is ever going to scientifically prove anything like this, because I'll always be able to drag in a vegan 80 year old 3 hour marathon runner who will invalidate your...
  11. Jonleehacker

    O/T: HEALTH Veganism / Plant-Based Diet

    Maybe "diets" should be added to politics and religion as forbidden forum topics. Too personal and no one has ever influenced another, just everyone defending their own points of view. Kind of a waste of pixels and brain power.
  12. Jonleehacker

    HOT TOPIC Suggestions for a Self-help Blog
  13. Jonleehacker

    NOTABLE! What is your personality? Find it out with a quick test!

    Reading through those and figuring out which one makes your skin curl the most is more efficient that taking the entire test.
  14. Jonleehacker

    WEB/DIGITAL Tips to dominate Instagram with your business

    Copy your text into a notes app. Add line breaks, and then put periods "." where you want the line breaks to be. Paste back into instagram and then remove the periods and the line breaks will remain.
  15. Jonleehacker

    MARKETPLACE We fix website problems fast.

    How about Magento?
  16. Jonleehacker

    HOT TOPIC 1 Easy Trick to Extend Your Life by 6 Years, GUARANTEED.

    I spend 8 to 9 hours a night beside a beautiful woman that I love with my whole heart... why would I want 6 less years of that ;)
  17. Jonleehacker

    one day you will die.

    Seems like a good motivation tool, don't be lulled into thinking that there's any guarantee that you'll get 80 years. Any day along the way could be our last, so it's good to find a balance and learn to deepen to the things that are most important in each day along the way.
  18. Jonleehacker

    Blackhat seo for growing business on a budget?

    do the blackhat stuff on affiliate sites or what have you, to raise money for your start up. Use it to fund your startup, but keep the worlds separate.
  19. Jonleehacker

    Major Change, Looking for perspective, I've been wrong before.

    Stop thinking about courses, degrees and majors and start thinking about people. What departments have the most interesting people doing the most exciting things? Who's solving real world problems? Make friends with them, get involved in their ideas, contribute, network. Your education will...

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