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    OFF-TOPIC Last Minute Christmas Gift For Men

    This forum has a lot of men on it. Can you guys please help me?! I need a good gift ($500 or less) for a man who is 54. He has interests in cars (buy and flip as a HOBBY), music/concerts (Can't find any good concert that {I think} he might be interested in). Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton...
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    REAL ESTATE Help Me Analyze This...

    Hi! I am trying to determine if this is a good deal to pursue or not, using a buy and hold strategy. 12 Units, 1 bedroom each (900-1,000 sq. feet per unit) with English basement. 1 bedroom rents in the area are currently going for $750- $1,000 per month. Pool of (potential) renters have...
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    INTRO ATTENTION! Roll Call: Military Personnel Toe The Line!!!

    Can all active duty and veteran military personnel come to this thread and make yourself known. As many people on this forum know, I am a combat veteran who served on active duty and did one tour in Iraq. I have now been out of the military for many years, but have still been able to use...
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    OFF-TOPIC The Next Time Someone Asks You A Question...

    Tell them this: Thank me later ;) LMAO
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    I have a job out on Elance for a Shopify website that I want to have created. I am trying to get someone from the US and I have contacted many from the site- though none have responded. :( I really want to stay as close to home as possible - where there will not be a language barrier, crazy...
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    MEETUPS Chicago Meet Up...

    The weather is getting better, does anyone want to try to get a meet up going for the Chicago leg of the Fastlane Forum? I live in the actual city of Chicago- but I'm mobile. My schedule is somewhat flexible. If so, post here or message me.
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    OFF-TOPIC MJ As Skeptical African Kid

    Everytime I see MJs avatar of The Skeptical African Kid I buss up laughing and think in my head: Oooooohhhhh Ooohhhhhhhh Kill Em!!! This is a popular phrase by Lil Terio, another (1st World Kid...) who is also very popular on Memes...(he is popular/known for dancing in a vine video.) What...
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    OFF-TOPIC Billionaire Mark Cuban Wins $590M Lottery Jackpot

    This is amazing! I personally planned on buying the Chicago Bulls had I won. (Guess I should have played too) :( Congrats to him, I'm sure he won't squander it!
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    Comcast/ Xfinity HORRIBLE Customer Service & Gift Card Scams

    Who does due diligence on well known brands?! I don't...didn't...until now... Lesson learned. From the date of order my transaction with Comcast was a HEADACHE. 1. Deceptive installation quotes. 2. Don't honor gift card promotions. 3. Arbitrarily change your plan without notifying you...
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    OFF-TOPIC David Siegel: CEO of Westgate Resorts stars in Bravo Reality TV Show

    "For those not familiar with the film, The Queen of Versailles traces the lives of billionaires Jackie and David Siegel who have made their fortune from their Westgate Resorts time-share business in Florida. The film begins as they embark on the construction of what was to be the largest home in...
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    REAL ESTATE FHA Mixed Use financing.

    Has anyone ever or recently done a deal with this type of financing before? Most of the lenders I have been contacting in Illinois have never heard of or done a deal with this type of financing... If you have any insight or personal experience with it please share.
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    OFF-TOPIC D&B Background Check & Validation

    "It's $799 to have your background check and validation done for your basic business credit report." "Wow! Any discounts for Veterans?!" "If you order it today I can take off $250 since you were rerouted to us by XYZ company. Also, since its the end of the month you only have until tomorrow to...
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    OFF-TOPIC Short Sale for $200k, Re Sale for $300k

    Can someone re purchase a building that they have previously purchased through an LLC, (and have over $750k worth of debt on it because they took out 2 mortgages on it) for $200,000 cash, then turn right back around and put it on the market for $300k- attempting to walk away from the debt, and...
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    OFF-TOPIC I'm Going To China December 26, 2012

    I'm going to China for 2 weeks the day after Christmas. Random trip that- Paid and confirmed... I want to make the MOST of this trip. Please post anything that comes to mind that you would do or look in to if you had this opportunity. I want to try to get to the Yiwu Fair. But other...
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    OFF-TOPIC APB: @Wade1Mil

    Hey! Where are you?! Have not saw any posts by you lately. Just wonder what happened with all of your projects etc.
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    OFF-TOPIC Scrub Daddy

    That scrub daddy deal on Shark Tank right now was just BANANAS!!!
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    A patent is pending...

    There is a patent pending for a new piece of exercise equipment. It is a product that will be geared to the 20s- 40s crowd specifically, but can be used for anyone, including teens and children. (More and more children are getting in the gym, and into real fitness programs due to being...
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    Does anyone use a site online that they trust where you can create your own labels for bottles? I have the image that I need to go on the label, so they also have to be able to add that plus the words that I need for the bottle. Here is a picture of the bottle so you can see what size I need...
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    Blue Host

    Is Blue Host a good hosting solution? If you make a small business site using Wordpress, is Blue Host a good host for it? Is there a different hosting platform that one should use? Please advise. Thanks.
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    OFF-TOPIC Blogs

    I'm so mad! I finally typed up my first blog post about my business pursuits- which was lengthy because I talk a lot. When I went to publish it- it did not save! When I tried to hurry and copy and paste the text the page automatically refreshed and took my blog entry with it. :( I guess it...

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