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  1. kkompoti

    The journey so far

    A little bit about me : Country boy 32 yo. Married . 2 daughters. One Cat. 2 cars. 1 motorbike. Farm enthusiast… It all started almost one year ago when a person I know told me : do you know of a guy that would like to buy a 85 sq.m. house inside a ¾ of an acre land plot? It is like the small...
  2. kkompoti

    how the world may think of you

    small story. i had an idea for a side thing i could do and roughly make 400 euro per month. Found a semi-friend who could help me out , proposed a partnership to him.and then waited for his answer. three days after that he said to me no. Because of the birth of my second daughter i had no time...
  3. kkompoti

    O/T: FUNNY How i spend my time every day in my job

    Trying to avoid those bitter gossipy soul sucking snakes aka colleagues
  4. kkompoti

    Time to wake up!

    This thread goes for some members in here. 1.- Don’t procrastinate! I mean it. I was one too. Recently changed that and it is a whole new world out there people! Your mindset will change in ways you cannot imagine. The daily hustle , talking to people, arranging stuff, buying , selling and all...
  5. kkompoti

    WEB/DIGITAL Is anyone else experiencing this?

    i am talking about the white button between post reply and more options.. it also appears where the Create Thread page is open. Normally there was a button that wrote : Upload a file . i think.
  6. kkompoti

    RANT Grocery and supermarket list

    I have tried every different way i could to reduce the times i go to the grocery store or the supermarket. i cannot do it. I am only talking about bakery , butcher , farmers market , supermarket , grocery store.. Wife and I remember this and that and that, and that we are running low on...
  7. kkompoti

    O/T: FUNNY This..

    thanks all .... i am sorry i made you watch this.... EDIT: deleted the video.
  8. kkompoti


    Why are there so many things in life that distract you from your end goal? Why everytime i say i need some money from my slowlane job to put in my projects something happens and i have to wait? Why is life made this way?Having lots of things that break all the time and need fixing? Who...
  9. kkompoti

    WEB/DIGITAL Is this the best strategy to win costumers? Jen in my opinion does a fantastic job with her answers. But if you have Jen in your company answering like that to costumers what will you do? Give...
  10. kkompoti

    How to give commision to your employees?

    I am reading inside the forum of people that work for a company and take a comission per sale or a comission of the net profit. Here we are all thinking of starting businesses that probably will turn to have more than 30-50 employees in different working areas (production , sales , marketing ...
  11. kkompoti

    RANT Is there a safe way to make money through football - soccer betting?

    this forum is full of really clever people.i am asking this question here in order to understand if there is a way around it? small amounts of money to win - low risk. i do not bet at all since february 2014. i will not start it again because now i really see money as soldiers. no penny must be...
  12. kkompoti

    Lots of Ideas!What to do?

    After the book and the forum came to my life something strange happened. I find myself all the time asking this question: "IS THIS A NEED?" .Then i ask a second question to myself: "What are you going to do about it?". And then something like this happens: As i was drinking my coffee in my...
  13. kkompoti

    HOT TOPIC Have you talked to your friends about TMF?

    i am just starting to figure out what is going on with TMF and i am really glad i found the forum. But think that it is really revolutionary in the terms of wtf i am doing with my money. Have you,the ones that read the book, tried to explain it to your friends in order to help them also? What...
  14. kkompoti

    FAILURE My story (Farming to the Fast Lane)

    I have a slowlane job , my wife also, well paid. I am married and a father of a girl. Currently waiting for the second girl to be born(wife is 5 and a half months pregnant). At some point at the start of the first pregnancy i realised that nothing ends up in the terms of the financial situation...
  15. kkompoti

    INTRO Hello from Greece!

    Hello to everyone on this forum. I found the forum about a month ago.Real and great advise in here! I have a reasonably payed job in my country. Trying to find the escape to become a fastlaner doing things on the side. Puting a lot of effort to it.

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