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    O/T: FUNNY The Rat Race

    Enjoy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    WEB/DIGITAL Are You Ready for Google Caffeine?

    After all your careful SEO, are your sites ready for Caffeine? Google's new Beta rustles up more results faster -- doubtless in response to Microsoft's Bing release. See Google's Caffeine Should Give Businesses the Jitters.
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    WEB/DIGITAL I Have a Whale of a Problem!

    LOL, so I bought and developed a domain name that I thought was kind of funny in a niche kind of way, but now it's getting traffic... Like 3,000 hits/month! With no advertising. But all I have on it is some information, some ads, and some links. I don't know where to take it or how to...
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    Who Gets a Free Book?

    As part of my new PLAN, I have decided to dump a few dozen free books into the mailboxes of reviewers. I would like Luck-Struck to appear in magazines and newspapers, so I was thinking about mailing them to the magazines I like to read and to the magazines my market reads. Any other ideas for...
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    How Should I Spend Insurance Windfall?

    Fastlaners: I'm about to get a check from a family member's life insurance policy, and I wonder how best to use it. I could ask Suze Orman, but I want to hear some fastlane thoughts. Here's the situation: I have a positive net worth, with most of my money tied up in a non-cash-flowing...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Automated Subscription Billing

    How do I inexpensively automate recurring monthly billing to my subscribers' credit cards? I have a system in mind in which my subscribers will be billed a nominal fee each month. I currently use Clickbank, PayPal, and GetResponse. Aside from setting up reminders in QuickBooks and billing...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Save Time, Money, and Mistakes

    See Web Design Schools Guide's 100 Terrific Web Design Cheat Sheets that Will Save You Time, Money and Mistakes. I am still wading through all the incredible value here, but I do like this mousepad.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Managing Elancers

    As suggested, I posted my web development project on Elance. I've had a few responses, but I am wondering how to manage the project once it begins. I admit that I know next to nothing about this -- hence hiring someone. But I hope I'm not ignorant enough to get screwed. Help? I need a new...
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    OFF-TOPIC My Son Was Born

    Jackson was born on Monday, February 9th, at 7:35 AM. He was 8 pounds, five ounces and 21.5 inches long. It happened just like they said it would: I met him and fell in love. My priorities changed and my mind is in a totally new place. The Lamborghini Reventón will have to wait. I need a...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Employing Slave (er, Intern) Labor

    Just wondering if any of you have had success using interns. I just contacted my college's career office and posted an opportunity for an unpaid webdesign internship. I figure it's a way for a senior to get some credit/good senior project and for me to get an integrated sales...
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    WEB/DIGITAL The "Luck Struck" Progress Thread

    Thank you! I am so happy with it. Hopefully, this will be the start of my Fastlane success story! A few of you are quoted directly, and all you Fastlaners are acknowledged! This project NEVER would have happened without the encouragement I have received here. You know who you are, and I'll...
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    REAL ESTATE Can I Raffle My Condo?

    I have seen a few instances of people raffling off their homes. In most cases, the homeowner sells several thousand raffle tickets for $50-$200 apiece. The only examples I can find were done abroad, so I haven't seen an American precedent. US raffle laws were already brought up in this...
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    REAL ESTATE Anyone Accepting Riskier Tenants?

    I've been paying the mortgage on a vacant condo in a depressed market since November. I finally got my first application, and it's a nightmare... bad credit, no savings, high debt-to-income, moving to town with no job... Oh, and that's after dropping the advertised rent by 25%! I know...
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    REAL ESTATE Beware Sneaky Tenants

    See Christopher Solomon's article, How to Hit Up Your Landlord for Cheaper Rent, Perks. Your tenants might soon try these sneaky negotiation tactics. Be ready. I've listed the main ideas: If your rent is going to be late, pick up the phone Barter services in lieu of full rent payments Suck...
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    REAL ESTATE How Smart Landlords Handle Rentals

    See's article, How Smart Landlords Handle Rentals. What do you think? Never accept a credit report that a tenant brings you Never listen to sellers as to what the expenses are Ask for a copy of a bank statement Buy adequate insurance and require renter's insurance Write your own...
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    REAL ESTATE Nigerian Scam! (Right?)

    Check out this E-mail trail re: my apartment ad on Craigslist. Am I right to be skeptical? From Him: I would like to know if the property you listed is still available and with regards to the property I am inquiring about, I will like to get some more details about it, I am currently in the Uk...
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    WEB/DIGITAL FREE Promo Video

    Animoto has been mentioned by mtnman and by Fastlane News, but I thought it deserved a second look after the cover article on this month's Entrepreneur magazine. What a great tool! How does it work? Upload photos Pick a song Let the magic software edit the cuts and effects to match the beat...
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    Badge of Seniority

    PhxMJ and others: I love the both the reputation speed and car rating systems. I thought of one other functionality that might add credibility where it is due: a rating for seniority. How about a small badge that states the seniority of each member. Don't the members who joined in the...
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    Money Can Buy Happiness?

    See MP Dunleavey's 7 Smart Ways to Buy Happiness. Where is it that we get the most joy from our money? Relationships, Time, Health, Learning, Debt Relief, Giveaways, and Security. I don't know if I agree with the organization and prioritization. Hell, it seems like beyond the fulfillment of...
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    Define "Affordable"

    af·ford \ə-ˈfȯrd\ (transitive verb) 14th century Middle English To manage to bear without serious detriment (you can't afford to neglect your health) To be able to bear the cost of (able to afford a new car) What do you consider an affordable expense? Most middle class Americans might say...

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