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  1. mws87

    OFF-TOPIC How Old Are You?

    I'm not sure if this has been done yet and have tried using the search function, but hadn't come up with any results. Anyhow, after reading a thread @jon.a recently started, I wondered about the average age of our forum users here. We've got a pretty diverse community, populated with some really...
  2. mws87

    This is What Happens to Money Chasers.

    I'm not sure if I read the original article here or elsewhere, nonetheless, I saw this coming the moment I read the original article regarding the company shooting prices through the roof. This is what happens when you stop giving a shit about people and are blinded by the money-chaser fallacy...
  3. mws87

    Eventually. . .

    My posting here has been scarce lately, mainly because I don't want to show my face until I have updates for my progress thread. However, I do occasionally check in to read posts and chat with one of the members on here and a recent discussion we had made me remember a moment I wanted to share...
  4. mws87

    EXECUTION Time For Some Accountability!

    You know what really gets me motivated to make things happen? Reading through progress threads. You know what kills my motivation? Progress threads that abruptly come to a stop, left buried in the FLF graveyard beneath everything else. WARNING: This is going to be long! If you're looking for...
  5. mws87

    Question About Mindset "Sensations"

    No, I'm not going to ask for validation of whether or not I have the mindset, I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced what I have been. I didn't intend this topic to be very long (I ramble a bit), so I've made sections. If you don't feel like reading the rambling, please skip to The...
  6. mws87

    INTRO Just Another New Guy

    Self-explanatory title. My Story (summary) I got bad grades, I hated school. I know this actually is the same with a lot of people, but at the time I thought I was just a "dumbass" or a loser. I've always had an active mind, ever since I was a kid I wanted to create. I made music, I made...

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