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  1. Process

    EXECUTION Building/Scaling a chatbot agency from nothing in 2020

    Cool I like how you took your SMM experience and merged it with your real estate experience. Most entrepreneurs flip from thing to thing instead of compounding their background skills.
  2. Process

    Loss leaders and how to get new clients

    Yes it is called a lead magnet. Paid for lead magnets are more accurate because you can actually tell they are a buyer. People who take free info can often be freeloaders. A buyer is worth far more than 10 freeloaders in the long run.
  3. Process


    Yes I have witnessed the 08 panic, now is the time to keep solving problems and offering value while everyone else psyches themself out. There’s more to lose from paralysis than measured action. is it true China’s production is back online?
  4. Process

    Wrongful Accusation for a business: What Would You Do?

    If the review was inaccurate, “Just say sorry to hear that, but you may have us confused with someone else as we have no record of doing business with you.” Move on from it it happens. As for the second lady, I recommend following up with her every 3 days. Sometimes people have something come up.
  5. Process

    Is it a good idea to still be advertising/marketing during this Corona Virus outbreak?

    If your product adds value and is relevant to the conversation on the top of your prospect’s mind, they will buy. Track your ROI you get from different approaches. Don’t be paralyzed in fear, just start small and test. I plan to keep moving forward steadily. I took a few hours, reassessed and...
  6. Process

    How not to get f*cked when outsourcing code?

    When it comes to hiring people you want to check reviews/references they can provide. Spend the time to see if they are a long or short term thinker when you interview them. Find out why they do what they do. Have them give you a specific plan of action. You should only pay them in chunks...
  7. Process

    Enneagram Test: What are you?

    Says I’m an eight. Seems accurate.
  8. Process

    INTRO Make 10+ Return in Bitcoin, Now I start over...

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your experience and optimism. Hopefully you inspire a few others to keep moving forward.
  9. Process

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    Looks like all the big energy utility companies are rallying while a lot of mREITs like NYMT have plummeted.
  10. Process

    How To More Clearly Communicate With My Team?

    Yes most of them are remote. The more experienced people are local. communicating more frequently is the killer due to time delay. I will have to meet with them directly a few more times a week. Usually I just communicate daily with the team leader. The video capture will be even better than...
  11. Process

    How To More Clearly Communicate With My Team?

    Thank you I particularly like points 2, 4 and 5. I need to follow up with them like I would a client. 3. would be helpful to make sure they can put what I said into their own words. Thanks @Rabby, I appreciate all the value you drop on this forum.
  12. Process

    How To More Clearly Communicate With My Team?

    This is the first time I have people who work for me. It is the next step in my evolution. They are from a country everyone learns English as a second language in school. There is a slight barrier, since they take figures of speech literally. The solutions I've found through trial and error...
  13. Process

    Udemy is Running A Sale

    They haven't run one in a while, so I wanted people to know. Thanks for your recommendations, I was looking for some more advertising courses related to Facebook targeting.
  14. Process

    Udemy is Running A Sale

    Just snagged a copy of Stephanie Maisle’s Google Local Service Ads course. I‘ve been hearing about these damn things for awhile. What udemy course do you all recommend?
  15. Process

    19 years ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. People weren't impressed. (Forum post from 2001)

    “:mad: or are you really aiming to become a glorified consumer gimmicks firm? :mad:” haha this ”Pants” guy was not wrong though.
  16. Process

    My first Climb

    Stop overthinking it. I was the same way when I joined a few years ago. Go to an existing industry and be a sales rep or freelancer. You know that way money is to be made. The focus will simply become speaking value and following through to attract more and more money. Need is the core...
  17. Process

    What are the WORST decisions you've made in your entrepreneurial journey?

    The biggest money mistake was not doing one particular type of insurance sales that is really easy and high commission. However I’m much sharper from learning sales and marketing the hard way. I would have been spoiled in the long run.
  18. Process

    Do You Think Real Estate Will Go Down Like Stocks?

    The stock market has taken a haircut. I’m glad I got out years ago. Do you think real estate will follow since overleveraged people will probably have to sell teir homes or get foreclosed on? Or do you think that people will sell their stocks and buy real estate as a safer asset?
  19. Process

    NOTABLE! Stock Market Crashes on Open, Circuit Breakers Trip

    Heard a guy say, “Oh the markets going to hell. Guess no one can retire.” Guess people should have read the millionaire Fastlane. Such slowlaner mindset. I’ve sat out of the market 3 years because I thought it was overpriced in Aug 2015. Even when I was a teenager who loosely followed stocks...
  20. Process

    My uncle was the under 20 wealthiest man in the world (according to Forbes)'s right hand man

    you realize you can ask,get rejected, gain more skills and get accepted. It is a process not a static event.

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