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  1. Entrepreneur Insights from an International Model

    good marketing bro, it actually took me 3 hours to discover what you just did. brilliant!! Just fu**ing brilliant Rep++
  2. Do you wallow in self-doubt? Put it out of your mind.

    Everybody makes up statistics this this days, I don't want to kill the vide, so I'll pass
  3. Article 13, EU "end of the internet"

    My worst fear is gradually becoming real. Ever seen the movie divergent?
  4. Afraid? Do this

    Yea agreed. But that isn't actually the entire post. I posted an incomplete version, so that I would have no option but to complete it, because people will perceive it as weird if I leave that way, and I wouldn't want the to happen. If I didn't do it like that, I would probably no be motivated...
  5. Afraid? Do this

    A friend shared an email with me yesterday. it was an email about the importance of confidence and how to act even when you are afraid (this is not how they phrased it) I thought it was stupid, I've tried doing things while afraid and to tell the truth I'd rather do them when I'm not...
  6. BOOK Anyone have a good list of books?

    1. What I learned losing a million dollar. One the best books I've ever read on decision making. 2 Expert secret: this is the only book you need on selling digital product. 3. Jewish wisdom for business success.
  7. Passive Income Robot - Death of Gurus

    This has been a major concern for me. I think the problem arises from having to choose between scale and vali Hahahaha. Dammm
  8. OFF-TOPIC is MJ ghost writing comics??

    Haha yea prisons do have free food
  9. FEATURED! Author spent 5 years interviewing 177 selfmade millionaires to find their secrets. Findings inside.

    This, to me makes no sense. Let me be the first to tell you that this guy didn't interview rich people. Everybody he interviewed was average. Quote me anywere
  10. INTRO Greetings from Brazil - another classic big company slave

    Welcome friend We don't care to much about grammar here. I literally wright with an accent no one has judged me so far.
  11. Out of mind: a question on problems

    To Build a better mouse trap than your competition or to crate a new way of killing a mouse. How would you know it is time to build and not destroy, time to fire or time to hire. business is bad so you decide to lay off some workers, what if what you needed to do was hire one more person to...
  12. Unfloat: My conversation with a dying ghost

    It was a cold winter night, the sky was as dark as a grave and the world, buried beneath. the silence, imagine a world with no people, no animal, no tree, no life, just darkness. I was dragging my Exhusted body across the street, when suddenly..... I felt my soul evaporating out from my chest. I...
  13. NOTABLE! Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

    Read 48 laws of power and expert secrets these two books will teach you all the basics. Or you can pay me 25k;);)
  14. GOLD! I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    Unscripted made me realize how fuc*ed up the world is.
  15. NOTABLE! Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

    This things has always been and will always be, they are 21century charlatan. I used to follow tai Lopez, even got into his 67step program. until I read 48laws of of power. Law 27: Play on People’s Need to Believe to Create a Cult like Following. 5 ways to create a cult.
  16. GOLD! Lex DeVille's: How to Make $1,000 a Week with no Degree, no Feedback, & no Portfolio.

    Bro this is gold. Am from a third world, my grammar is terrible. But I get a lot of gig and this is how I do it. Seriously I should hate you for shearing this.
  17. EXECUTION My turning point in online marketing

    Makes sense. Good luck
  18. EXECUTION My turning point in online marketing

    Holup you gonna risk 12k? Bro you had better not fail. My dumb philosophy is, don't throw mad money into what is not working until it shows some progress. Basically, increase your stake when you are wining and decrease when your are loosing. but then again am not successful enough to claim it works
  19. Mad really mad,like mad crazy

    Mad really mad,like mad crazy
  20. NOTABLE! "Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

    Yaa skipped the most important step, the 66th step when u look more like an idiot than anything else. At this point you might consider suicide, just for kicks
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