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  1. DannyD

    MEETUPS Seoul/Anyone in Asia

    Anyone in Seoul, Korea or in Asia? I work online and looking to meet other people in a similar situation - hang out, share ideas, keep each other from going crazy, collaborate, etc. Let me know!
  2. DannyD

    What to Do when Caught Outsourcing?

    So while I was thinking of what to say/waiting for people to chime in He just said let me know when you can get back with an idea for the project and what it would cover Guess it's cool/not gonna bring it up Thanks guys
  3. DannyD

    What to Do when Caught Outsourcing?

    I should have clarified It is a potential client (not hired yet) No agreement to do work, let alone do it personally or not I just don't know how to respond to the message of him asking if it was me that posted a job with more or less the exact wording of our messages "Yea that's me. I hope...
  4. DannyD

    What to Do when Caught Outsourcing?

    Has anyone ever been in this situation? Basically, I charge a lot for freelance work and outsource it to other people And a client on Upwork caught me trying to outsource a job I basically copy/pasted a message he sent to me into a job posting on that site (guess he was still looking at other...
  5. DannyD

    Do you have a tattoo?

    Yes, it has increased my entrepreneurial success by about 350%
  6. DannyD

    INTRO Leaving science for entrepreneurship

    My other alternative is to get a slowlane software job and work on entrepreneurship on the side. Do this. Don't freelance - gain experience in an industry, make connections, spot inefficiencies/gaps in the market that could lead to a business
  7. DannyD

    O/T: HEALTH Skin health

    Hyaluronic acid - thank me later Just get a spray off Amazon and/or some capsules (NOW is a decent brand) Of course, good food, sleep, exercise; minimal/no drinking, smoking, etc. as well - overall healthy lifestyle
  8. DannyD

    Starting a Copywriting Freelance Business. How well do I sell myself?

    1. Not everyone on here is making money. You should be careful who you take advice from - look for proof I'll be honest - I am broke. But I am really doing the freelancing thing and don't recommend it as stated 2. Stop reading so much. You don't make money or learn anything from reading. You...
  9. DannyD

    MEETUPS Seoul Meetup / 서울 Fastlane

    Was wondering if there were any fastlaners in Seoul that wanted to meetup A bit about me: INTRO - 25 Y/O -Net Worth, Liberal Arts Grad ^ Update from then: I haven't made real progress and am in the "freelancer trap" (freelancing on Upwork, etc. to make money - time for money). Need to get...
  10. DannyD

    Starting a Copywriting Freelance Business. How well do I sell myself?

    I have to agree with Kak. Don't do freelancing and get stuck in the "freelancer trap" I did that and while it's cooler than a 9-5 since I get to work from home (and travel around if I wish), it's not a real business (unless maybe you build a service business around it) It's still time for...
  11. DannyD

    A Lesson in "Control" (from CENTS)

    So today I got an email from Upwork saying that my account is frozen. I am going to guess it is because I login from a lot of different places since I am traveling and working at the same time. Freelancing on Upwork is not exactly a "business" but I guess it can be dangerous relying on a...
  12. DannyD

    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    AMAZING post on the dichotomy between true fans and followers looking for some cheap entertainment. Quoting because I hope more people read it I have a friend who uses follow/unfollow but has great engagement (~5-6%+ - hundreds of comments on posts that show that people care, etc) The key...
  13. DannyD

    O/T: HEALTH Transcendental Meditation Course, Good or Gurudom?

    I know the trend is to shit on gurus but can someone who's actually tried TM comment? I've been meditating for close to 6 years and the only reason I'm kind of curious is because it is endorsed by super successful people as stated
  14. DannyD

    Unscripted goes big, in a place I've never been? Wuh?

    That's really interesting to see As others have mentioned, if you think the script is bad in the US, etc. wait til you get to Korea People are finally getting sick of the BS and waking up Congratulations and thank you so much
  15. DannyD

    MEETUPS Medellin, Colombia

    Just missed you Enjoy and feel free to PM if you have any questions, was there for a few months
  16. DannyD

    INTRO ESL Teacher trying to shift gears

    Hey man I met some guys in a barber shop today The barber himself teaches English to Chinese kids over the Internet to help pay bills This other guy I met has teachers that work for him and teach English to business professionals (even VPs and stuff) Maybe the latter could be a good idea if...
  17. DannyD

    OFF-TOPIC What kind of mattress do you own?

    When I was in the US I got one of those 2" memory foam mattress toppers from Bed Bath & Beyond I don't know about Tempurpedic etc but what I just said is amazing and cost ~$100
  18. DannyD

    What do you think about South Korean education?

    It is too much I can comment on this as a Korean-American who has lived in both Korea and America It is largely unnecessary. Koreans just send their kids to afterschool academies (English, math, etc.) just because everyone else is doing it (Korean people don't think for themselves - I guess...
  19. DannyD

    BOOK Mark Manson's "Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck"

    It's extremely interesting to see how Mark Manson went from a pick up guy to probably one of the biggest bloggers on the Internet Really blew my mind when I saw his book in the bestsellers section of the Amazon store in NYC Lots of respect
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