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  1. DrunkFish

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Do you ever have trouble keeping up with all the work or delivering the SEO results and such? Sounds pretty intense! This is legit my fav thread though. You've been kicking a$$. I think I have trouble focusing moreso than others. Never tried Adderall but I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid and I...
  2. DrunkFish

    Best Video Editing Software for YouTube in 2019?

    I used sony Vegas when I had a PC, now I use final cut pro x.
  3. DrunkFish

    Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    Yeah i'm with you on all of this. Sure there's a lot of people doing it and theres competition. Sure some people want freelancers to work with them and then ditch them and never hear from them again. These things happen in all business. I had been working with the same freelancer for a year...
  4. DrunkFish

    Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    Ahh so all I gotta do is get into a high barrier of entry CENTS business that I can easily automate. Good idea! ;) Also, client retention and beating out competition is a nature of most businesses and should be expected I imagine? Ive been doing digital marketing for over a year now. Haven't...
  5. DrunkFish

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - I Deleted My Upwork Account...

    I would highly recommend sending out a ton more cover letters/bids per day. Good luck! What do you plan on doing with the digital agency, by the way?
  6. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION From failure to success

    Nice strategy. Seems so easy huh... wonder why all these other people are losing money
  7. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION Instagram Management: Cold Call my way to 100 clients

    I would set up a dropbox for them to submit their own pictures, or hire a photographer in the area to take pictures. With the first option, I noticed some people are literally so out of touch with tech they cannot follow a video tutorial on uploading a picture to dropbox. So be weary when going...
  8. DrunkFish

    FEATURED! How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    What would you offer that is unique for a Fb Ad service? Typically its worth it because you add a source of new revenue for your business, so it's a no brainer as long as it performs, what would the USP be for that? We make a video for you instead of a dumb stock photo, for example?
  9. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION From failure to success

    Well, i always see people struggling for ecom and Amazon, would be cool to hear some story! You just came back, laughed at your old self, quit your job and mention you're making a lot of money online! Haha!
  10. DrunkFish

    Kid Made $4000 a Day Dropshipping ("Revealed" All In a Free YouTube Tutorial) - Scam or Legit?

    Just FYI my friend went and spent $250~ on fb ads (and he knows them pretty well with good copy and design etc) and got 3 sales over a month or two. He then spent $100 on two influencers and made $200~profit for two days with each one. Like $200ish each day. He tried two more influencers after...
  11. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION My First $2800 Client - Digital Agency Progress

    -Long read ahead, but i would really love input via PM or on here- So, I'm down to one client as well as another client that i reduced to a $200/mo service. So it's okay side hustle money I guess. But i want a real business. I felt like social media itself wasn't valuable and I didn't like...
  12. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION My First $2800 Client - Digital Agency Progress

    Yeah i do that with my personal now! I will be signing up for a biz credit card pretty soon. For now im using a debit card and it ties in nicely because my accounting software tracks it. Would it track it too if i used a credit card or would i have to separately link that up? Might be a dumb...
  13. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION My First $2800 Client - Digital Agency Progress

    Lol guys, do not accept bad clients. Posting for a Medspa... posted about microneedling. A picture with someone getting the treatment as well as a description, using sentences straight off their paragraph for microneedling on their own website. They complained and told me to take it down because...
  14. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION My First $2800 Client - Digital Agency Progress

    ANOTHA UPDATEEEEE. I'm hiring another team member, so now it's a team of 3 including me. Moving forward I'm going to keep focused on the social media and paid ads. No longer interested in doing ongoing emails or sms or other random things that I did before. It's just kind of ANOTHER thing to...
  15. DrunkFish

    NOTABLE! Path to creating a digital product

    Awesome progress! Great to see that you really feel like you've been improving :) great feeling.
  16. DrunkFish

    How I Generated $21K In Profit In 1 Month For a Client Using Facebook Ads

    Can you expand on this? If there isnt any data on the pixel, how will it be useful rather than waiting until it got some data/sales for your product under its belt?
  17. DrunkFish

    EXECUTION My First $2800 Client - Digital Agency Progress

    Things have been going pretty well. Currently: Got my bank account setup, accountant doing taxes, accounting software in tune with everything, excel spreadsheet for anything that isn't coming in/out of the bank account (which is semi rare). Have a potential upsell or two in the pipeline...
  18. DrunkFish

    Is MLM so bad?

    I have literally never in my life liked being around someone who 'does' mlm for a living. Family or not, successful or not.
  19. DrunkFish

    Entrepreneurs! Is this worth $20-40k?

    Yeah man, with my current business model, if i can put in the work i can easily make 10k a month, if not like 50k. I'm only at a few grand at the moment, but this is with literally zero overhead other than internet, computer, time, sales skills, skills related to my biz. I didnt, and MANY...
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