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  1. Action Mike

    What do you use to file Taxes? Turbo Tax Good?

    Hello, I have a small side business that I need to file taxes on and it doesn't currently bring in enough money to really justify paying a firm to do the taxes. It is online retail and only sells overseas so no sales tax to worry about. Can anyone suggest a site or software that they recommend...
  2. Action Mike

    REAL ESTATE US Treasury Auctions for Real Estate

    Dayum, they even seized someone's horses. World-Class Show Jumper Horse Auction on Behalf of the U.S. Treasury Department (Feb 19-26, 2019) - CWS Auctions "TUPAC VAN DE VROMBAUTSHOEVE Z" is a pretty horse :)
  3. Action Mike

    REAL ESTATE US Treasury Auctions for Real Estate

    Thanks for the link, never seen that site before. I am sure its hit or miss but what kind of deals can one generally get through a Fed auction? I see some nice looking properties that are only a few hours drive from where I live so might check out the auctions and see how high the bids go.
  4. Action Mike

    Where are all the Mobile Home Park Investors?

    @Major Lot of great info in the thread. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. I spent some time looking into buying MHPs a few years ago and got cold feet, wish I would have moved forward with it instead of what I was doing at the time. When you buy MHP out of town or state and they...
  5. Action Mike

    Am I overthinking my appearance...?

    I think it is best to have a professional look when de4aling directly with customers, maybe even a logo'd shirt to show a sort of uniform. Back in the day IT people could dress in shorts flip flops and a wife beater in a corporate office if they wanted to because so few people had the skills...
  6. Action Mike

    New Construction Technology

    Looks neat. I think there could be useful applications like areas that are prone to forest fires but seems like it would be too complicated and expensive for standard stick built houses.
  7. Action Mike

    REAL ESTATE On my way to a million

    This was in Indianapolis Indiana. As long as you follow your state laws its perfectly legal and safe to do just make sure you follow the right process.
  8. Action Mike

    REAL ESTATE On my way to a million

    That's awesome! Is that $200k-$300k all in wholesale deals? What do you find is the best marketing method for finding deals? I am looking in to doing wholetaling in my area where I find a deal, buy it using cash or hard money and then reselling it with no rehab, maybe clean up, cut grass, and...
  9. Action Mike

    Best business model?

    Charitable giving is one of my main motivators but IMO the best way to do this long term is investing into the business as much as possible to build it up and then eventually investing profits in investments that return cash flow that can then be used to support charities. You still control the...
  10. Action Mike

    Is Marriage Part of the Script?

    Wow a lot of stuff in this thread. Here are a few things I think can help anyone asking this question or thinking about getting married. Marriage can be one of the best things you will ever experience in your life, the love, the companionship, the friendship, the good times you can have with...
  11. Action Mike

    NOTABLE! Come and watch me make FU money: Over $100K/mo now.

    Good stuff, I look forward to reading more updates. When you first started did you only invest the $4,000 into the business and recycle it growing month by month or did you infuse more cash into it for inventory to get it jump started?
  12. Action Mike

    INTRO Moved from No-lane to another Slowlane - 8 months later (Re-Intro)

    Sometimes coming to the realization of the situation you are in is the biggest step in making changes. Don't beat your self up, learn and move on to bigger and better things, always keep a positive outlook no matter what. IMO, if you don't really plan on being a RE Agent I would focus on self...
  13. Action Mike

    Scaling Donut Business

    I just had a conversation with someone in my city that opened a ice cream store. He said they contracted with a local kitchen to develop recipes and make the ice cream, it was really good quality and tasty too. You might be able to work something out with a local contract kitchen like that to do...
  14. Action Mike

    Scaling Donut Business

    Just my opinion but I don't think people will buy much from someone coming to their door to sell a dozen donuts other than on the weekends. Most families are in a rush to get dressed, get kids off to school etc. Maybe door to door office sales where they may welcome delivered donuts through the...
  15. Action Mike

    NOTABLE! Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

    Every time I read about the scam gurus I feel even more strongly that the best thing you can do is spend time learning and educating yourself and taking action to allow yourself to have a built in crap filter and recognize the garbage from real advice. One example, as much as I love the Bigger...
  16. Action Mike

    What would you do if you had 10k and no business idea yet

    First off congratulations and good job having the mindset at 18 to use the money for investing instead of blowing on having fun like 99% of 18 year olds would do! One thing to always keep in mind, money is a tool, it won’t make you successful. Imagine you have a tool box full of the best wood...
  17. Action Mike

    NOTABLE! I just sold my first eCommerce business (FU money!)

    Congratulations!!! The FU section of unscripted was one of my favorite I have ever read in a business book. Thanks for the post and all the advice you give, it helps tremendously to those in the beginning stages.
  18. Action Mike

    Create Your Own Prototypes For Almost Nothing

    Cool, great tips. I love the idea of 3D printing and want to try it out. Another idea if you are short on cash is look for a co-opt or some club in your area that might have a lot of this equipment setup and you just provide the file or use their equipment to design and make a prototype. My...
  19. Action Mike

    REAL ESTATE On my way to a million

    Great to hear updates! After the last few years of what you have done is there a particular part of RE that you would focus on 100% if you had to chose? Like wholesaling, flipping etc.
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