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  1. Arevico

    EXECUTION SaaS How important is layout

    Thanks for your reply. So basically just get it to market fairly representable and once the idea has been validated you can always iterate? The main thing I'm worried about is maintainability in the future, especially when using mulitple dependencies like vue, laravel, bootstrap, etc. The main...
  2. Arevico

    EXECUTION SaaS How important is layout

    How important is layout in a saas project if you want to get something to market and get feedback on it ? I feel i piss away way to much time on finding templates, selecting a grid, maybe a lit of perfectionisme. Should i just buy a random bootstrap template and jot together a few screen, make...
  3. Arevico

    Plastic pollution - I want to provide value

    Indeed, aswell as if you make the 'good' choice the easy (broad in all dimensions) choice for most if not all of the stakeholders I think this is key
  4. Arevico

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Thanks, it helps setting my mind in a particular way. The building part is not the problem for me. I can do that and if i cant i can figure out how. So i really wanted to take a little more effort into the first part of the process
  5. Arevico

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    So basically being active in the industry results in a. finding a need to be solved and b. a target audience which to spar with and get as initial user if I understand correctly? The idea I generated i got from an inefficiency I noticed at my job, but that doesn't realy translate well into a...
  6. Arevico

    Saas vs Plugin

    Quick questions, what are the downsides to implementing something as a saas product vs a product? I'm currrently working out if an idea a have should be developed as a plugin for wordpress or as a saas solution. Upside Monthly money vs one time Product always up to date, easier maintenance...
  7. Arevico

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    How do you get the first paying customer? Basic outreach, ads, just the basics? What are your thoughts on 'free until out of beta' - model ?
  8. Arevico

    Viable to cold call in this situation

    Hi, Quick question, is it viable to do cold call acquistion (or questiont the target market) whilest having a full time job on the side? I can think of the following options to make it work, but would like some feedback or other ideas :) Call after business hours Call in the weekend Start...
  9. Arevico

    Next Soft Proof Process?

    Sorry if I seem to post every now and then, rest assured I'll be standing and swinging the bat all day long to get this cycle down from idea to productocracy. The development of the product is not the issue however, my main issue (which i would like to address in this new cycle from idea to...
  10. Arevico

    Should I proceed?

    thanks :), jeah it's not super niched and i contacted one of the person having the problem to see and understand his use case and possible criterical features. Then I'll go ahead with the next steps :)
  11. Arevico

    EXECUTION Killer Software Project

    I'm a PHP developer myself and found that (atleast I) we like to get quick to develop. I've developed a few WordPress plugins getting some results, but most other ones that failed (read, i made mistakes that could be prevented, like checking out existing solutions). Don't skip on that validation...
  12. Arevico

    Should I proceed?

    Hey Guys, I'm following the steps prescribed to go from idea to productocracy to develop WordPress plugin. I have a particular idea which I'm exploring, but i don't now wether or not to go to the next phase. I performed a N.E.C.T.S analysis and it all seems to check out. I got the initial idea...
  13. Arevico

    Problems bloggers face?

    Hi, I'm a Word plugin developer and I'm thinking about what to develop next. I think I've identified a few problem most bloggers face and have some ideas how to solve this Which of the following problems do you or blogers/webmasters you know face? Don't know what to write about next Don't...
  14. Arevico

    Content idea generation for bloggers?

    I was wondering how you guys get ideas for blog articles? How often do you have the problem of writing something and it doesnt get read ? Do you know why (e.g no search engine traffic, or the current audience isn't intrested ? )
  15. Arevico

    Habits to Build Next

    I'm committed long-term to build good habits. Last year I quit a major one gaming and now im dedicated to tackling one habit that doesn't serve me anymore. So far I've in this order - Quit Gaming (hours upon hours of dota) - Quit coffee (I was addicted to it and messed up sleep, I get my warm...
  16. Arevico

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    What are some of the biggest technical issues you've had creating an e-commerce website?
  17. Arevico

    EXECUTION Product Nearing Completion

    Thank you for writing such a thorough response and telling me what I needed to hear. I ordered the book and will do some serious thinking about the target market and which pain the product really solves and go from there :)
  18. Arevico

    EXECUTION Product Nearing Completion

    Hey Guys, Recently, I posted a thread about which project to persue. I choose to finish an e-commerce plugin for WordPress I've planned. Feature-wise the product is finished. It is very very basic, but that is it strength. It simplifies a difficult process and is very robust. I still need to...
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