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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Getting a new logo - need your opinions

    crowdSPRING ( lets you set your own price, so it's as expensive as you want to make it. I don't know what their minimums are. I took a look last night and the work happens to be outstanding in most projects. Dylan
  2. WEB/DIGITAL Developing a Writing Style

    I agree with GoldenEggs - I too prefer a more casual style. People relate to people and there are far too many formal sounding blogs out there already. Dylan
  3. WEB/DIGITAL Seeking advertisers for

    Hey AndrewG - that's really outstanding traffic numbers in such a short time. Whatever you're doing to generate the traffic seems to be working. :) Can you share a few suggestions with the rest of us. What's worked for you? Dylan
  4. WEB/DIGITAL 1-800# for website?

    Hey guys, thanks for posting the pricing. I've always wondered how expensive an 800 number was and assumed it was MUCH more expensive. Nice to know that it's actually affordable, if one can figure out how to staf it. Dylan
  5. WEB/DIGITAL Google Can Index Flash

    That's great news, particularly for the flash heavy sites! I wonder if the other search engines are also indexing, or if it's just Google for now. Dylan
  6. WEB/DIGITAL Could someone help me

    A couple of suggestions. You can post a project on,, or for help and outsource the work. A lot of people are finding some great help that way. There was a great article in BusinessWeek yesterday on this very topic: Sorry - can't post the link (too new, I...
  7. WEB/DIGITAL What resources for copywriting?

    There are tons of resources. One nice suggestion someone recommended was to sign up for Google Alerts for the term "copywriting". You'll get daily email reports (with links!) anytime any new blog post or article is published on the subject. Really a great way to learn about new resources. Dylan
  8. WEB/DIGITAL Please give your thoughts on my site!

    Really nice, clean design! Very easy on the eyes. My only comment would be to make the left icon to the left of the forums much smaller - it's a visual cue, and it really doesn't need to be so prominent. And if you're looking for a logo, a friend just completed a project on for...
  9. WEB/DIGITAL Buying a domain that is already registered...

    From my experience, don't fall in love with the domain. If you want to pay less, be prepared to negotiate for some time - buyers have a firm number in their minds, but if they've had the domain for a long time, they will ultimately agree to a lower number. But you do need to be patient. And if...
  10. WEB/DIGITAL Blogging software-- any thoughts?

    I am a huge fan of WordPress. Particularly with the new version (2.5) - a super product with incredible community support. Dylan
  11. WEB/DIGITAL Getting a new logo - need your opinions

    AndrewG - great choice in your contest! 99designs looks like an interesting site and one I'll consider when I need creative work. I've read about another site - (Global marketplace for logo design, business card design, graphic design and website design | crowdSPRING) that...
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