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  1. WEB/DIGITAL Blackberry Game Development?

    The BB Market is just getting started, but the market that is about to EXPLODE is the Android Market. New ideas...even impoved iPhone apps, ported to Android...should pay off.
  2. Millionaire by Thirty by Doug Andrew

    Mr. Andrews has written a number of books, typically about the same thing: Leveraging Cash Value Life Insurance to acquire wealth. I think his biggest title was, Missed Fortune. Some of what he has to say is interesting but, because it carries the "stink" of life insurance, people typically...
  3. WEB/DIGITAL I Phone Applications

    I agree...look into the android operating system, which is open source. T-Mobile has the first G1 but other carriers will bring out their models later this year. I have been carrying a G1 for a few weeks (switched from BlackBerry)...not perfect, but neither was the first iPhone.
  4. OFF-TOPIC Worst Situation Ever

    Are you sure the GF consented? She went in hammered...assumedly helped consume another decent chunk of vodka...and you found her blacked out. I wonder if this isn't an even bigger problem?
  5. WEB/DIGITAL merchant account with llc?

    Once you form your entity and it is registered with your Secretary of State (or equivalent), you will get more mail about business credit cards and merchant accounts than you will know what to do with. Also, if you banker is any good at sales, he/she will not let you leave the bank without...
  6. OFF-TOPIC How many here are Navy Seals?

    Thanks Russ. Here is my gift: Air Force Link - 1st Special Ops Wing I followed the wiki page and found the stories of Air Commando Medal of Honor winners.
  7. OFF-TOPIC How many here are Navy Seals?

    Does the Air Force have special ops teams? I know they special technology groups, but do they have a "boots on the ground" outfit? cheers
  8. REAL ESTATE Is it possible to go TOO fast? Want to buy 36 unit apt

    Find partners. Use your money to lock it up with the contingency of finding the rest of the money. Then find other investors. Everyone capitalizes the new LLC with capitalize the LLC with some cash and the contract, and complete the transaction.
  9. which First ? Reduce Liabilities or Build Assets?

    First, what do you mean by "bad debt"? Is it bad because you are in default or is it bad because you bought consumer goods you couldn't really afford? Next, what is your goal? You talk about increasing your monthly net cash position. Well, both of your choices will do that. Eliminate the...
  10. Anyone Think Oil Is In A Bubble?

    Not bubble but oil/gas local newspaper discussed high gas prices today and noted that banks are making a killing. I never thought about it before, but they get a few points from every credit card transaction. If gas goes up $1.00 a gallon, they stand to earn an extra $0.02 per...
  11. Anyone Think Oil Is In A Bubble?

    So, what do we do? 1) Avoid Oil because it is in a speculative bubble? 2) Play the bubble to the upside.....or, play it for the down side? 3) If you're gonna play it, how will you play it? Producers, equipment, pipelines, shipping, or do your own prospecting? Personally, I started...
  12. Anyone Think Oil Is In A Bubble?

    Bear - don't we have to factor in the cost of getting at those reserves...the Gross Margin issue for each barrel of oil? The Saudi stuff has been easy to get because the soil is so porous. The Russian reserves under the Artic/Polar Ice may be huge, but if the cost to extract is large, so will...
  13. Anyone Think Oil Is In A Bubble?

    This is potentially true , to a point. When we talk about OIL, we generally mean crude oil. There are other forms of oil. On a side note, the Dutch had wind&water, the UK had coal, the US has oil. When these countries were at the top of their game, their economies were based on these energy...
  14. Anyone Think Oil Is In A Bubble?

    I think we have gotten ahead of ourselves, but the trend is correct. Expect some pull back, but the good 'ol days are gone. There are many who believe, and a significant amount of available supporting evidence, for "Peak Oil". The concept that Known Reserves and Production have hit their...
  15. WEB/DIGITAL Homebrew Credit Arbitrage

    I have seen this business model:
  16. Calculating Intrinsic Value of a Small Business

    Because everyones tax situation is different, evaluating the business before taxes levels the playing field. You say that the usual value of the biz is 2.5-3.5 EBITDA...are you sure of this? Is it really true of the industry? If it is, then there is your answer. Or do businesses in this...
  17. Anybody operating in clothing/textile industry?

    I'm in the biz - athletic footwear and apparel.
  18. OFF-TOPIC Amazing Kid

    I am personally at awe when skill and "outlet" collide, especially at such an young age. I'm 40 and still struggle with identifying my "skill" and then focusing on the productive "outlet".
  19. OFF-TOPIC Amazing Kid

    Fsatlaners: If this is your son, "What would you do?"
  20. OFF-TOPIC Amazing Kid

    This floated through my work environment today. I have the pleasure of working with some amazing, world renown creatives and they all stopped dead to watch each of this kids videos. Sungha Jung is special.:hl: YouTube - California Dreaming - Sungha Jung YouTube - More than Words -...
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