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  1. NadiaZ

    INTRO 29 Year Old "Stuck" Dentist

    Are there any problems you've encountered as a dentist in your day-to-day work? Think about it and create a solution. Before you know it, you'll have a business.
  2. NadiaZ

    INTRO TMF pushed me to start my own lingerie brand

    A lingerie business seems interesting :) I hope it does well. Keep us updated.
  3. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    Thank you! I'll keep you updated on my ventures :)
  4. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    Thank you for outlining all of that! That was motivating!
  5. NadiaZ

    Fastlane Methods to get Money Now?

    If you want somewhat immediate money, start reselling stuff on Craigslist or do freelance work on Fiverr in the mean time. A lot of people on here do slow lane stuff to fund their fast lane ventures. You've learned a ton from one business. Use all of that knowledge for your next one.
  6. NadiaZ

    OFF-TOPIC #DeleteFacebook

    I think social media is a waste of time but it's great for building your brand and name recognition. If you're producing stuff on there and advertising it, helps a lot. I've made social media pages for vacation homes and it's helped me get some clients. As for individual use, I don't have a...
  7. NadiaZ

    USPS Priority Mail Boxes while trying to build a brand.

    Nice! Stamp is always good idea. If you could even get a different colored cardboard box so it stands out a little, that'd be great. No idea how $$ that would be.
  8. NadiaZ

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I just finished reading Unscripted. Such a good read. Was funny reading about coupon cutting and people driving nice cars when they're like 70. And I just saw a guy go super slow in his Corvette when I was out on the road earlier. Turns out the guy was really old and was doing a 20 in a 40...
  9. NadiaZ


    Just read it and told my boyfriend to as well. We loved it, MJ!
  10. NadiaZ

    USPS Priority Mail Boxes while trying to build a brand.

    Maybe get like a stamp or sticker and put it on the box. I know that whenever I get a box or my friend's do, my friends will be like "who is that from? oh it's from X store" and it's cool to see the logo on it. I know birchbox, the makeup subscription company does this and the box has birchbox...
  11. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    Hey Gunther! Thanks. I had a bunch of different ideas this year about entrepreneurship. But I encountered a lot of problems with cosmetics and beauty products I use and I've been listening to some complaints people have since we all have similar skin problems in a lot of the skincare groups...
  12. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    I was a biology major and I was on the pre-med path. I like science/was good at it but I didn't like the idea that I had to be stuck trading away the next 10 years of my life for something I didn't enjoy that much just to make another 100k. I thought about becoming a physician's assistant...
  13. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    Hey! Thanks for the tips! Actually, I meant Kansas but I happen to live in KCMO. There's lots of development and real estate being sold in Kansas. It's way richer than Missouri. Sure, it's not NYC or nearly as big but it's definitely up and coming. As for mentors, I found a couple in my area...
  14. NadiaZ

    O/T: HEALTH Trying to loose weight (not succeeding )

    Make an excel sheet and start tracking how many calories you're eating for each food. Once you realize how many calories you're eating, start eating less than that. Most people underestimate how much they eat so an excel sheet has helped me.
  15. NadiaZ

    What do you do when you have no ideas

    Get a job. You'll find tons of problems and find things you're pissed off about when you're working which you wish were easier but aren't. Also, start talking to people. Listen and jot down their complaints. Helps a lot!
  16. NadiaZ

    Branding so good that it's stupid?

    You might think it's luck but I actually did some research on ASSC and I found out the guy who founded it, Neek Lurk, used to work at Stussy as a social media manager. He probably learned a lot about streetwear and learned a lot about Tumblr and how kids on there are like before he got big...
  17. NadiaZ

    Branding so good that it's stupid?

    This reminds me of those sugar gummy bears for your hair that I see on every single Instagram influencer's page. I seriously wonder though whether the company is making tons of sales even though their advertising is really good.
  18. NadiaZ

    INTRO 22 year old in real estate

    Hello! I'm 22 and my name is Nadia. Graduated college a year ago and my parents really wanted me to become a doctor. Plans changed and I realized I wanted to live my life on my own terms instead of my parent's. I ended up moving to the Midwest away from my parents to start my life over with...
  19. NadiaZ

    LANDFILL eWomenNetwork

    business is business. successful people can learn from other successful people regardless of gender.
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