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    List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    What if it is a half salvaged 10 year old Lambo that is stuck on cinderblocks? Or what if they drive a ferrari...
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    BOOK FU Money by Dan Lok, must be MJ's twin brother

    If you really want the secret to closing, it is putting the right(top notch)offers in front of the right(top notch) people as much as possible. Pressure and manipulation only get you one time sales and lots of returns. The expected values are so different it isn’t even funny. One leads to...
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    INTRO What advice do you have for me? 19 y/o college student

    Everything people whine about is a chance for you to add value. Nothing else really matters. You can have the most scalable website ever, but it has to speak to people's discontent first.
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    Ways to make money

    Dude... any decent sales place will train you. A great one will coach you daily. Best of all, you will get paid. You won’t have to give some internet guru your credit card.
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    Just Put Some Money Into WhenHub

    Wow I didn't know it was based off his calendar? That is quite an example of act assess and adjust.
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    Just Put Some Money Into WhenHub

    Wouldn't it be nice if young people can bypass the Gatekeepers of the Big E-D-U system? There’s a market called WhenHub where you exchange tokens to get one on one time with experts. You can exchange the tokens for dollars or ethereum.(a solid crypto) Experts are ranked after each interaction...
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    Best Slowlane Job Recommendations?

    If you seem like a know it all = no Being interested and common sense = yes A desire to improve and a willingness to pay the numbers game is a solid place to start.
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    How can you work full time while growing your business ?

    My experience in sales has taught me people always find the time and money for what they really want. The same goes for entrepreneurs.
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    INTRO I'm going to be honest... I really don't care.

    Why would you talk to him(Andy) like that? He could literally teach you to make it rain for your business... with little time invested in running the ads. You need to look in the mirror. Your choices lead you... not other people. You just spit in the face of someone who could help you out...
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    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    After reading about group psychology I understand them. Their audience is the frustrated mass of people often called sidewalkers. 1. These people always are looking for a villain to blame. 2. They also will lick the boots of any dominant figures/forces that offer them salvation around the...
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    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    Does anyone else find the part where he admits he is not perfect but has never done anything close to crapfeed I mean buzzfeed claims very persuasive? Edit: I hope he uses his money to go after them like Peter Thiel went after Gawker.
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    Go for the money or Follow your passion?

    How about add value and then passionately follow the feedback loop?
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    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    Apparently since the company is worth $10 billion. Seems they either sell a lot of soap or a lot of info products. Today I also learned a certain billionaire Edukashun Sec's family owns the company. No wonder why people are so scripted and helpless.
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    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    He spoke of him as if he is some kind of untouchable god. And no problem, your books are the best in the industry for a reason. They've saved me from many bad decisions. Everyone else seems to be a shill in some way.
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    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    Intro I was working with a client and solved his technical problem smoothly. He went on to ask what else I'm doing for work and said I'm an easy person to talk to. Then, he said he's always looking to hire people to sell for him. We'll call him Chris. Picture a middle aged guy in a shirt, tie...
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    Grant Cardone - Just Read Sell or be Sold and Obsession Other books any good?

    1. Ask really good questions. There’s a reason they’re taking the time to talk to you. Look for pain points and ambitions. Only talk about what’s related to these. If they ask a question you don’t know about, say “interesting question why do you ask?”. 2. Limiting beliefs hold most people...
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    Marketing company, but I'm a pure middleman

    A good salesman will know you can’t sell and take the whole thing out from under you when the times right. Money chasing < offering attractive value
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    OFF-TOPIC More than half of all millenials think they'll be millionaires

    Yet most look at you sideways when you suggest they learn sales and investing Or gosh.. if you suggest going to trade school not college.
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    How do i create trust in the fastlane for my slowlane girlfriend?

    Do you pay your bills... Do you spend time with her? Then good, it isn’t her business. Make your results speak for themselves. It’s more useful than playing video games or jacking off. If she doesn’t like it... she can leave. You don’t need any extra baggage.
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    How do I provide value and get into the fastlane with no skills or money to invest?

    I think it was MJ who said failure is the sweat of success. A beginner is like a fat guy who wants a six pack. The fat guy better get sweaty! Walk before you sprint. Don’t care about others judging you. They’re passing in another direction.
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